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  1. The tach needle will do random jumping and you can notice a slight sputtering from exhaust. No codes show up...any suggestions for trouble-shooting this problem.
  2. Tach needle random jump for not reason at idle or slow drive...engine does not reflect any increase of rpm from the jumping?
  3. How do you replce the roof runners on the RX 300 1999? I want to remove them and repaint and replace back on car.
  4. Tks for the info and by the way...Lexus dealer wanted @$472/each.
  5. What is the best way to replace the leather on both of the front seat arm rest on RX 300 1999...tan?
  6. Knock Sensor

    :whistles: Need info and photos if available on how to remove knock sensors on RX 300 99. Tks,Gary