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  1. just wanted to say thanks for this helpful post - I was able to buy the part on e-bay for $50 and install myself in less than 30 minutes. dealership wanted $300.
  2. hmm, won't let me post a link. well, for the part, look on e-bay for Carparts Wholesale, and this model # 879400E011C0. for the how-to instructions, google "driveway handyman replace mirror lexus rx 350"
  3. So my wife drives a 2008 Lexus RX350. Last week, she texted me pictures of her broken passenger side mirror. She was backing out of the garage and smashed it against the house. No damage to the house, but the mirror is basically useless. She contacted the dealership, and they wanted $600. I told her to wait while I research the issue. I found the part on e-bay for $76 ('> By following these instructions, I was able to fix the mirror by myself in about 30 minutes. Hope this helps others.
  4. first, sorry to hear about that.... but I don't know why (and will hopefully never find out). I would certainly contact Lexus and let them know of the faulty alarm system, as this should result in a recall. but I'll try locking the car via the remote, and then getting in via key (I think this should set off the alarm), and let you know.
  5. I would have Lexus fix that leak on their dime before taking delivery. i agree with pauljcl, the factory is entact until 50k miles, then you should be able to get the extended warranty. but it is puzzling that the owner would give the car back after just a year or two... what did the carfax say?
  6. what gives on the pinned homelink garage door opener thread? each time I try to open it, IE freezes up. i can't for the life of me figure out how to to link up the garage door opener. I've read both manuals (which I rarely need to do). if someone is able to access this thread, please copy and paste in the answer here in this thread. thanks!
  7. brought the car home last night, wife tried to go out today, and it would not start - dead battery.... grrrrr.... makes me question the CPO program...
  8. thanks ya'll. I'm usually pretty weary of such items, but my local lexus service has been very good to me over the years, and are probably a key reason why my rx300 was in such good running shape. the only time I deviated from them was when they recommended that i get new tires (3 years ago). they wanted $900. instead, i took it to NTB and got them for $600. however, my alignment was off since then...
  9. Hi all, new owner of a 2008 RX350 (39k miles). certified. traded 1999 RX300 with 125k miles. was very sad to see that car go, but very excited for this new one. I believe the next mileage interval of service is the 60K... anything I should look out for then?
  10. Time to say goodbye... I'm listing my RX300 with 125k miles on Craigslist for $7230. think I'll get it?
  11. Just when I thought my '99 RX300 (145k miles) was in prime shape, my wife took it in for a standard oil & filter change, and they came back with an expensive list of problems. - Valve cover gaskets are leaking: $700 - Front engine seals are leaking: $1,000 - Oil pan gasket is leaking: $400 - clean engine to confirm leak: $1,000 do any of these seem reasonable? I'm thinking about taking it to Jiffy Lube for another quote. The car maybe worth $9k, but trading it in right now would be about $6k they said. any suggestions? thanks!
  12. bought the '99 AWD RX300 in 2003. had some issues, but the extended warranty took care of it up to 100k. no transmission issues so far (~125k miles). the car is great, and as long as you properly maintain it (oil changes every 4-5k miles as Nelli mentioned), then the car will take good care of you. I'm hoping that car will give me another 5-6 years or 100k miles. the only downside to this car is lack of in-dash nav and AUX unput. however, mounting a GPS to the windshield is not too difficult and someone on here showed how to install a AUX input. no issues with the key (just make sure that the battery is fresh). oh, one other item - make sure that the heated seats work. these tend to burn out around 100k, and replacing a new one is about $1k. so when testing the heated seats, make sure that the bottom heats as well as the back. if the bottom gets too hot too quickly, then that means it is going to burn out real soon. hope this helps....
  13. side question on that.... does that also include the slack? each of the belts do not seem to retract as quickly back into the latch. I have to guide them in each time. thanks!
  14. the older model lexus RX300's have performed very well, expecially considering that these are SUVs (they are among the longest lasting and least worrying SUVs over the last 20 years). however, these cars typically have a life of about 200k-250k miles (or 320k-400k km). thus, buying a car with 170k km, you would have to figure that this car would last you another 8 years at most. thus at that point, re-selling the car will not yield you much (if anything) and you will HAVE to get a newer one. so you really have only 2 options: 1.) pay a little more now and less later 2.) pay a little now and more later given that a dollar today is worth more than a dollar tomorrow, I would go with option 1. hope this helps.
  15. so long as you check up on it every few months, then you can wait for the first one to fail before replacing it. but I'm a big fan or preventitive maintenance and reducing my cost, thus if I see any type of indication that it will falter, I'll have them replaced.