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  1. I was very happy with the winter performance of my RX330. Even in spirited driving, it was hard to make the vehicle lose its composure. Did you by chance change your stock/factory tires to summer/performance tires? I had a BMW 328i before, and and there was an enormous difference between the stock performance tires, and real winter tires (I chose Dunlop Winter Sports). With the Dunlops, I was able to accelerate faster than most FWD's from a dead stop. On stock tires, I'd just roll at low speed while the traction control struggled to find grip. Was your tire pressure unusually low? I've
  2. eisens/CatKing/scubawin -- I can understand that for some folks, the problem is user error. That's not the case with mine (or several other members). I'm 100% positive, all doors were unlocked when this problem occurs. As you mentioned, the problem may not exist in all RX330s, but its a real issue. Thanks zero4 -- I found a service advisor who has encountered this problem personally and seen it occur in 3 other RX330 vehicles. It's not user error, its a computer bug. As zero4 listed earlier, there is a part number for this replacement part. My advisor has back-ordered the part. I'll le
  3. >>This unit had two small rear storage compartments just inside the tailgate my RX330 (Premium Plus package No Nav/ML), there are two small buttons at the rear of the cargo area. When I push these buttons, the floor mat flips up to reveal storage compartments. These can be empty -- but it's really designed to hold the rear tonneau cover. So if you store the cover in that area in those bins under the floor-mat -- the storage bins are buried under the cover. Is it possible that you just recall seeing the storage bins because the cover was missing or being used in the cargo a
  4. >>Call before you take your vehicle in and tell the service writer to order you the ECU. I'm getting resistance on this issue. My advisor has changed his tune now and says that he can't order the part until the onboard computer trips a code which indicates a problem with the rear hatch. Is anybody else hitting this roadblock? It's a random occurrance and I can't recreate it on demand. And I have no idea what it will take to get this status code to occur.
  5. ...And now for something completely different. Consumer's Reports has chosen the RX330 as the Best mid-sized SUV for 2004. Three cheers for anything that maintains my car's value!
  6. >>have the technician contact the LEXUS TAS Hotline ....just out of curiosity. What does TAS stand for? Is this a hotline only for Lexus technicians?
  7. Here is a link to a thread about the official TSB fix to the clunking (credit to Cyboriax for the first post I've seen about this TSB) (it's a looong thread, see the bottom of page#4) ----------------- OFFICIAL TSB for CLUNK NOISE Lexus, on Feb. 26th, 2004, released the OFFICIAL TSB for THE INFAMOUS CLUNKING NOISE: TSB#TC002-04--FP#32907-48030 ------------------ Many owners like myself have had the cooling line fix (which I describe earlier in the thread). This takes care of about 80% of the noise in my opinion. That fix in
  8. Lexus just put out a official TSB for the "clunk"! I learned about this from another Lexus message board, and called my service advisor for confirmation. It's for real -- and was just released. Get in line though....he said there's a 3 to 4 week wait for the kit because everybody is asking for it.
  9. I'm hearing a ticking or clicking noise coming from the lower-middle area of the front windshield of my RX330. Here are some symptoms: * Louder in cold temperatures * quiet on warm days above 50 degrees * Loud over small and medium bumps, * Quiet over large bumps * Sound goes away above 35mph I've taken the car to my local Lexus dealership - had a tech ride with me - made sure that he heard the noise - and the left the car at the dealership for 5 days. They proceeded to fix 4 things I didn't complain about, but did nothing to address the original complaint. (I also have the injector
  10. I recently had my RX330 in for service, and this is one of the items I wanted checked. Here is their response to my complaint from my invoice: "[explain to customer] the noise is common in every Lexus. It is injector noise" Upon further discussion with my service tech - he said that there's a case open with lexus on this issue and lots of people complain about it.
  11. I've put about 2500 miles on my RX330 (AWD version). The window sticker reads 18/24. So far, I'm getting about what Lexus claims. Note: I always use premium gas even though you don't have to in the Rx330. City: 18 avg Around town doing short errands with just one adult + one luggage Highway: 24-26 avg! I've made two long trips and was very pleased with the numbers. Two adults + one child + luggage
  12. I have a question for other RX330 owners out there. I noticed while traveling over pavement with gravel that I can hear the sound of the gravel from the rear seat. The sound seems to come from the wheel well in the cargo area. (you need two people to do this, one to drive, one in the back seat to listen) So I had the opportunity to drive a RX330 loaner car from the dealership the other day and took it out for a test to see if I could hear the same sound. But the new car didn't make the was nice and Lexus quiet. Two things I noticed in the left rear wheel-well area: * The plas
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