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  1. I cant help with the converter issue but I do know that everytime I have a CE light for more than a week or so the TCS light turns on and the TCS doesnt work. When I fix the check engine light the TCS magically works again. Someone once said Lexus programed this on purpose so that you would be more likely to go to the dealer for repair but I dont know if there is any truth behind it.
  2. 17''s are perfect for this car - I've had tons of compliments from friends and neighbors! Yes both my s2k and my (wife's) ES have 17'' 10-Spoke wheels... what can I say, I like the look! Thanks for the compliments!!!
  3. My 97 stock 15'' wheels were a 45 offset - and my new 17'' wheels of an 07 ES350 are 45 offset as well. Hope that helps.
  4. Super Nice! Black is the best color when its all nice and clean like that!!!
  5. Here are a few pics of my new rims on my ES300 (technically my wife's car now), the rims are 17x7 and came off a 2007 ES350 that upgraded to bigger wheels. Until this week they had the stock chrome 5 spoke 15'' wheels, but the chrome was corroding after 12 years plus I needed new tires anyway. It was cloudy and getting late in the evening so they are not the best pics but I had to post something up. Here is a pic of my S2000 for fun!
  6. The front ones took me 5 min - the rear ones took a little over an hour. I just used a sparkplug wrench with an extension but all three were still difficult to get to in their own way. I never tried removing the throttle body... does that make it a lot easier???
  7. This is why I try to stay away from used car dealerships, they try to sell you expensive warranties that usually wont protect you without you having to dish money out your own pocket. Plus dealers always tell you that the car was driven by a grandma or something else like that when usually it was abused and sold at auction 3 times. I bought my car from a 1 owner who had the original window sticker and who had oil change reciepts every 4-5k mi for the life of the car. AND I paid a couple grand less than a dealer would charge for a 3-4 owner with no service records. If I were you I would try to find a 1-2 owner that had ALL the service records.
  8. Thanks, the main reason I havent fixed it yet is because Lexus left off the EGR position sensor on the 2000-2001 ES because they said it wasnt necessary. I thought if the 2000 and 2001 models dont need it why does my 97??? The lexus dealer told me that the EGR valve shouldnt effect performance or MPG but it would slightly effect emissions. Another reason I didnt fix it is that the cost of a new EGR valve is over $400 at the dealership. And actully my code only reads a problem with the sensor and not the EGR valve itself I found out. The new sensor is only $31.99 at a local autoparts store so I think I'll give it a try.
  9. I have a CEL (check engine light) that reads an EGR valve sensor malfunction - I have also experienced a drop in Gas Mileage from 23-24 a year ago to a little less than 20 in my last couple of tanks since the CEL came on. I was told that the EGR valve didnt really effect anything??? Do you think its the cause of my MPG drop? I got new tires, struts, and an alignment a few months back and if anything that should have helped my MPG right? Anyone replace the EGR valve and notice a difference? Thanks!
  10. The two cars should have the same bolt pattern and any wheel that fits one should fit the other in that sense. The offsets might be different (depending on how different that could matter) and the stock wheel sizes are different but as long as you use tires that get the overall diamiter and width close to the stock tire it should be ok. For example if the original rim and tires were 205/65/15 and you wanted to upgrade to 17's the option closest to stock would be 215/50/17 - the radius and circumf are almost identical. You dont want the radius to be very different from stock - there are many online calculators that can help you with this, here is one I use: http://www.miata.net/garage/tirecalcold.html
  11. I had to replace muffler on my old accord last year and I bought the OEM bolt on online and i was going to do it myself - but 1/2 a day and a can of WD-40 later I had to take it to a place because I couldnt get the old rusted bolts off. I'd try to stick to the OEM if you are confident you can do it yourself or if the repair shop can do it at a reasonable price.
  12. I saw it too and pointed it out and all my friends and they just rolled their eyes. I would take the Audi as a getaway or chase car but would still prefer my ES as a daily driver because that Audi will probably break down before my 12 year old ES does. I had a buddy with an early 2000's A4 turbo quattro and that thing was the most least reliable car ever!!!!
  13. You Know You Own An Es300 When... ...your passenger asks you if your car is running. This happens occasionally since the car is so quiet at idle, and all the time really. B) ...people who just dropped $20-30k on a new car think your the "rich" one because you drive a lexus. Even though I bought mine for $11k in 2003 with 74k mi - and now it has 140k mi with no issues and their now 6 year old car with 75k on it has cost them a few thousand in repairs and they still have a car payment. :D ...you've had the same car for 6 years while all your friends hate their cars and trade them in every two years. And they have to roll over negative equity in the car while yours has been paid off for 3.5 years ...you cant read the radio anymore even though it still sounds awesome. :( ...people think your 12 year old car is new until they realize it has a tape deck in the dash. :P
  14. I saw a 97 ES on Ebay for sale that had the 17x7.5 and 235-45-17's and I emailed the owner and he said he had no problem with it. I'm going to do it - I'll post pics when I get them on.
  15. I have a 97 ES on stock 15's and I have a chance to buy 235/45/17's on 17x7.5 rims off an LS430. The offset for the rims are the same as the stock ones and ofcourse the lexus bolt pattern is the same and the speedo change is minimal. Does anyone know if they will fit fine or if they will rub or be too wide? Anyone have this set up? Thanks!
  16. I currently have the stock 15” chrome wheels on my 1997 ES 300 and due to some chrome peel I need to replace them. I have an opportunity to get a good deal on Stock 17" 2002 Lexus GS wheels with 4 235/45/17" tires. I know that rubbing won’t be an issue on that size and I know that the bolt pattern is good too. I was wondering if it’s a problem that the GS wheels are listed as RWD and my ES is FWD, plus the offset is slightly different – I think the ES is 45 and the GS is 60? Does anyone know if they will fit, has anyone done a similar setup or have pics? Thanks!
  17. I bought the haynes repair manual and found out that the problem is the blower motor went bad. I ordered the part and I'm going to put it in when it gets here. I took the old one off just to make sure I could do it, it only took 20 min or so.
  18. Thanks, thats the first thing I did and I should have mentioned it, but I had no luck. Anybody???
  19. I started my car leaving work today and the Air wasnt working, nor the heat, I cant get any air to come from the vents??? Yesterday I had great A/C, no problems. Any sugestions? My car is a 97 ES with 122k Thanks!
  20. It didn't come with wheels? No. I got my 350 in October and it's been sitting in the front yard on blocks ever since. :chairshot: hahahaha
  21. Great car and great color, I too prefer the 350, but for most women the 250 is fast enough. My wife thinks her es300 is too fast. Congrats on the new car!