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  1. fernandolpa: any luck with that video ipod integration to display on the screen? i am interested in that too :) please let me know if/where you got stuck...
  2. anyone know how i disable the maintenance required light on my dash board?
  3. Lexus of Cerritos had quite a few as well. I just got mine about 2 weeks ago. You could also try, which will find exactly what you want at a dealer in your area.
  4. I'm thinking about installing a hard-wired Ipod hookup for my RX400. Has anyone had one installed yet? I'm wondering how they actually go about doing this. Do they have to disable the CD changer? Any tips on where to go? Brands to go for? I'd really appreciate it.
  5. Thanks for all the input everyone. I do see the value of taking it to the dealer for routine maintenance, but I just feel silly paying $130 for something that my mechanic charges me $16 for (oil change and tire rotation). I've been going to this mechanic for almost 10 years for the basic stuff and they've been great. Has anyone taken their hybrid to a non-Lexus dealer mechanic? That's really my main concern. I'm a little hesitant to trust them with a hybrid since I've never seen them working on a hybrid before.
  6. I'm wondering if anyone can give me a ballpark figure for the cost of a scheduled maintenance service at a Lexus dealership. This is my first Lexus and although I've got a very reliable mechanic, I'm a little hesitant to have them work on my hybrid. I haven't seen any hybrid customers at my mechanic. Also, I'd like to hear your thoughts on whether there is an significant advantage on having Lexus perform the maintenance over a good independent mechanic.