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  1. No I have to turn the ignition key off than back on to make the AC to work normal. If I stop for a long period the AC will stop again.
  2. Thanks for replying. I do see the small puddle like you said. What is weird the AC works fine while driving. If I stop for a few minutes with the engine running, the inside gets hot (Only on hot days). If I drive off without stopping and restarting the motor the AC will not cool. I would have to pull over shut the engine off and restart it than everything will be fine (unless stopped for a long period of time again). I feel something is getting real hot when it is not moving and shuts off for safety. Whats weird both fans are working but the condenser is real hot.
  3. I am having a problem with the air conditioning....The vehicle went to Lexus and they could not find a problem it. While driving the vehicle the air conditioning works fine...When my wife left her mother in the car to go to the store the other day, she returned and the air was hot and humid. If you shut the car off and restart it, everything would be fine. It has done this quite a few times even in traffic. I did noticed when it does this the condenser was real hot but both fans where working. This is a problem when the temp out side is hot only.. Summer is coming and would like to solve th
  4. I had mine installed at the dealer.. I did not get the 9 months free though... It is integrated and I beleive they used the Lexus ES parts to make it work.. I do not have a Sat button and use the AM button.. Works great payed 500 for it.
  5. They are both good. The only big difference I see is for Sports.. XM is more of Baseball and Hockey I believe.. Sirius has Football and Basketball.. I had my Sirius installed and love it.. The only problem I have is going under passes and losing the signal...
  6. Try Lexus of Riverside. I just bouhgt mine there Monday and bought a FWD. I know he had other FWDs.
  7. Keep in mind that the 2006 $2,200 tax credit is subject to AMT which the 2005 $2,000 deduction was not. Under AMT the $2,200 Tax Credit could be wiped out. I must be missing something... What does AMT mean...???
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