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  1. Let's look at 900. bucks 2 hours to install $150. an hour (seems a fair price for my work) 1 10mm wrench snap on 50. 2 cans brake clean 6.00 brakes stop very well and are quiet. say they last 2 years on my 94 LS-400 At these prices that gets me 4 years on the road or I can pay Lexus a grand. :chairshot:
  2. I got 4 Rotors and 2 sets of pads front and rear for $135. from I saved $900.00 over LEXUS
  3. I installed the allsafes on my 94 LS 400 ,got the pads at auto zone there's 1 difference,I have an extra 900. in my pocket Luxus whats 1000. for a brake job.If they last 2 years I am still in the green. 6er B)
  4. They are raybestos made in the usa . Shipped with-in the 24 hours. I also got a C6 die cast from them. B)
  5. I ordered brakes and rotors from this web site and got the BEST SERVICE AND BEST PRICE any where. 4 rotors and pads for $100. NEW. :) :)
  6. For $30 replace them it takes 1 hour in the driveway. :chairshot:
  7. Rockauto in many cases ships with in 2 hours of getting the order I have bougt many part from them for my corvette fel pro intake manifold gaskets for the lexas last week give them a try I have had good luck with them Z06 er
  8. DIY Rock sells pads starting at 16.72 front and back 17.83 rotors 11.48 back 15.32 front you can do the complete brake job for 88.15 plus shipping 15.90 in my case thats a 900. savings over lexus Z06 er
  9. Can someone tell me what the torque on the intake manifold is upper and lower for a 1994 LS 400
  10. Can someone post the proceedures from the maintance manual.
  11. What sive is the spark plugs on a 94 LS400
  12. How do I adjust the valves on a 94 LS 400
  13. Can someone tell me were to get the dash rebuilt or a reliable source to find one under 1000. PS I have the blinking problem B) B) B)
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