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  1. this sound *BLEEP*es me off greatly! you'd think that for the $37,000 i paid for my new IS250, i would get a silent engine...i also own a 2003 Nissan Altima that is as quiet as a mouse when running....if Nissan can produce an engine that's quiet, why can't Lexus? I'm tired of friends asking me what that ticking is and looking at me like I'm crazy when I explain that it's "normal" needs to fix this or i'll be buying a BMW next time!
  2. I also hear a ticking noise, but mine is coming from the door/seatbelt. The dealer had a look at it and for some time it was not there anymore until I went over some bumps again and then it returned. I guess I have to go back to the dealer. I would think that for the amount of money we pay for these cars, they could eliminate the ticking. I'm tired of explaining it to friends and have them walk away shaking their heads. And I've only had mine for a month!
  3. I just recently bought an IS250 after doing much research on this vehicle and it's competition. Howvere a few days after i purchased it, i noticed that when idling in my garage with the windows down that my engine ticked pretty noticeably. I brought my car in to have my plates installed and asked about this ticking and was told "it's a characteristic of this model". Has anyone else heard this? Do your IS250's tick as well? I think it's VERY annoying and have already had to explain it to friends and it leaves them walking away shaking their heads. I may go to another dealership to see what they think but has anyone else had this?