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  1. I have geico, and i have full coverge for my is350, and liability for my 1996 4runner, im paying $103/month. Im 25 though and i declined the rental car.
  2. Im planning on buying 19" wheels for my IS. The tires i have now is 225/35/18. the option for tires are 225/35/19 front and back. or 235/35/19 front/back. will 235's fit okay in the front, or will it grind? anyone have expierence w/ this? I would also like to have the rear wheels 245's.. im not sure if it will work. and has anyone had any problems w/ the tire sensors w/ after market wheels? thanks -omad
  3. I heard it too, I took it to lexus, actually 2 lexus dealerships and they told me the tires are wide and they rub aggainst the car. probably B.S., b/c i too only hear it on the right -omad
  4. Was that at Westside? I'm not very impressed after my experiences with them. There's only one guy in the Parts department I have any time for (Richard Crowe), as he's most helpful. In general they're more expensive than most, and when I queried the difference between their prices and those of Sewell Lexus in Dallas for a relacement alloy pedal set and ground effects kit, I was told that it wasn't the business they were interested in!! Presume this meant supply of parts to customers for self fitting. Also said they wouldn't fit the Ground effects kit as they had a bad experience in fitting one as a dealer option on a new 350. :( Wasn't an option I was interested in as my IS250 is in the UK :D It was actually at Northside Lexus, I went there b/c I knew someone that worked there, however I really live close to Westside.
  5. I had mine installed last week, I've been w/ sirius for over a year and now im w/ XM, i like sirius a whole lot better. but i live in houston and theres a lot of trees in my area and a lot of roads and houses are under those tall trees. my xm tends to cut out in my neighborhood, that gets on my nerves b/c sirius never did that. i was bummed when they told me that IS350 is for XM only, i could've got sirius, but i did not want an external unit.
  6. yes, i hear a ticking sound w/ my new IS350, i took it to 2 dealerships and they said it was normal, told me it was the fuel injectors. i still didnt believe till i read that all fo u hear it too
  7. I just got my Smokey granite IS350 here in houston. they told me the ground effects arent avaliable yet :( but yet ive seen others (not here) with it.
  8. Hey hows it going guys My 06 IS350 came in 2 1/2 weeks ago, i noticed when I turn it on after it warms up whether its in P R N or D it has a ticking sound in the engine, a few days later i took it a lexus dealership closer to my house ( there was also a grinding sound when i turn the wheel all the way to the right) i told them about the engine and the grinding sound, they took it in and gave me a loaner and called me back 3 hours later and told me the the grinding sound is the wheel is wide and its rubbing against the rubber guard above it, and they told me the engine sound is normal. so a few days alter my spoiler came in and i took it to the dealer where i bought it from and told him the same thing.... he gave me the same results. WTF???? that sound is not normal and even my friends agree. what i plann on doing is going back to the dealership and tell them to turn on an IS350 and we will compare, the car should be purring, not ticking. any input or advice, or has anyone expierenced this porblem? Other than those little things the car is excellent really fast and really smooth. :D thanks guys -omad
  9. hows it going back in december of 05 i ordered a IS350 w/ nav smokey granite w/ blk interior w/ levinson well 3 weeks ago later march they said it came in. i went down there to check it out and they thought it had the levinson but it didnt, :chairshot: and they informed me that the levinson now only comes in the lux package, :cries: so they ended up discounting the price and adding a sat. radio, tint, and spoiler for free. im satisified w/ the sound but i will eventually upgrade it in the long run omad
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