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  1. I've been experiencing the same thing on my 2006 GX since 25K miles. See post: The techs so far have claimed it's normal exhaust pinging off the converter, but the noise keeps getting louder and louder. I can now hear it all the time. I cannot believe this is a "normal" noise. I'm going in next week for major service and another round of complaining. This will be my fifth time at three different dealers trying to get this fixed. I hope they didn't make you pay for the timing belt replacement. Let me know if you learn anything else.
  2. Sounds like manufacturing defect to me. They even admitted that you are not the only one. Unless you shoved something through the window, it's not your fault, it's a defect. I'm sure they'll claim their warranty doesn't cover glass or such, just start yelling and ask to speak to corporate. You have bumper to bumper for 36k miles for things like this.
  3. The hissing and lowering is normal after you've stopped and everyone has gotten out of the car. The GX has a pneumatic suspension that pressurizes and depressurizes to maintain a correct ride height. The dropping sensation at a stop light might be the "clunk" but it's hard to say for sure. Our 2006 GX had mild clunk symptoms until we got the fix applied. The easiest way to reproduce the problem was drive to a stop. After coming to a complete stop count to three... and then you'd hear the clunk and feel like you just got lightly rear-ended. Apparently it was much worse on earlier models. Since we got the fix, I haven't noticed it at all.
  4. We had this problem and the dealer claimed to have re-inserted a piece of the rubber door seal trim... so check that, all the way around the door. In our case, that was coming loose, but didn't fix the problem. I finally chased down the real culprit: The lower plastic panel on the front passenger door had come loose. These have push clips. Push the panel toward the door with your hands and they should pop into place. I suspect it came loose when some passenger pushed the door open along the lower edge with their foot. Hope that helps.
  5. Our 2006 GX470 started making a slight knocking sound on cold starts in the morning around 22K miles. By 25K miles it was no longer in our imagination, this was a real sound, but the dealer could not repro. By 30K miles, it was very loud and easy to reproduce. Everyone in the car can hear it. Not only every morning when cold, but sometimes even when the engine is warm. Of course, the dealer could not reproduce. Finally, at 33K miles, I'm worried about the integrity of the engine and take it to a different dealer. Attending the cold-start test the next morning, I get them to confirm it's a real sound. Great, they hear this knocking noise that has gotten much louder and is causing our GX to sound like a Ford Station Wagon from 1970. Please note, we only use premium fuel. The sound is loudest when cold and between 500 and 1000 rpm. But as the symptom progresses, it can be heard more readily when the vehicle is warm or even at higher rpms. The findings from the second dealer (and third visit) came back today: Normal exhaust gas noise. They claim that this is a common issue with this model and it's nothing to worry about. Keeping in mind that this donk-donk-donk-donk knocking is MUCH LOUDER than the drive-shaft clunk we experienced when the car was new, I cannot believe that people are ignoring this noise issue and accepting it when the clunk sent so many of us to the dealership. So I'm curious. How many of you have a GX with more than 30K miles that is making knocking sounds in drive or reverse, pulling out of your driveway when the engine is cold?
  6. Thanks for the tips. WRT child seats, I used a folded bath towel under both of our brittax car seats for five years in the Durango and the leather looked great when we took them out. I think the problem isn't just the car seat, it's the food gunk that the little ones drop that gets ground into the leather by the car seat. The towel prevents this and makes food gunk removal a snap--just throw it in the wash.
  7. So is the warranty bogus or just something I'm not likely to need in five years? What about ten? How long can good leather last and remain looking nice?
  8. Greetings, we're new owners as of yesterday and resisted all the add-ons during the signing process. However, one offer really seems like a good idea and that is the leather protection and warranty for only $299. See, we have five kids and we're very worried about them trashing this drum dyed leather. Our previous car had pigmented leather and was easy to keep clean, despite the drinks, gum, candy, chocolate, McDonalds, dirt, etc. that made its way onto the seats. Piece of cake. But we complete realize that this drum dyed leather is a completely different and very porous product and we're terrified what it might look like in a few months. So our question is two-fold: 1. Is this product worth applying? Will it really allow this leather to resist the attack of the children? If not, what will? 2. Is this warranty the real deal? It seems to me that even if this product isn't much and we'll still have to clean and condition the leather every three months, the warranty offer of replacing any stained leather for five years is completely worth the $299. Yes, we're implementing a more strict "no food" rule, but need to plan for the inevitable. Your collective advice is much appreciated!!