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  1. Hey am I a dork, or am I just not seeing the pictures? Can I possibly get them sent to Thanks in advance
  2. Ok I'm now getting power. I had to strip the wires on the blue harness. The next thing is sound. I would like to push the insides with my aftermarket. I read in a couple of other posts that I can use my aftermarket's speaker wires for this. I have a white harness in-dash that I tested on, but I couldn't get it to work. Do I have to go all the way to the amp? If so, where is it on a '95 GS?
  3. Hello eveybody... Trying to switch my factory radio out of a '95 GS 300. Deinstallation was a piece of cake. However, I am not getting power to the aftermarket radio. I did car stereo for 5 years, and I rarely mis-wire stuff, so I don't think that's the case. My question is this: I bought the Metra 70-8112 harness for the radio, which I have used before on an ES300. There are two harnesses left over after the cream colored main power harness is connected. Where do these go? Should they be connected? The radio is an Xtreme Sound WMS336RW... Thanks for any help Additional: The colors for the
  4. Does anyone know of a website that has a paint selector on it? Kinda like the Lexus dealership site that allows you to change color by clicking it? Gettin ready to paint, and I'm set on about 7 colors :( Thanks!
  5. Ok Turbo........Don't ever let anyone tell you "There's no such thing as a stupid question", because this......IS A STUPID QUESTION, Lol. I've had a harder time remembering to breathe.......Anyway, got them in, in about 60 seconds. Went with the Silverstars.....There's this stuff on ebay that also cleans yellow headlight cover that should put the icing on this cake.......Thanks for your time!
  6. Got a '95 GS 300 Touring, and I'm wanting to put white headlight bulbs in......I purchased the Sylvania "Cool Blue" 9006 CB brand.... How do I get the old bulbs out? Is it difficult?
  7. Got it for $10,995....169,779 miles Burgundy and gold 2 tone How do I adjust the ride switch?
  8. Just bought a 95 GS 300 Touring yesterday......What comes on the touring package?
  9. My left two ac vents blow out warm air, while the other three are cool! I have a '92 es 300
  10. I got it fixed. It was the clutch plate and some bearings.....$567.73 at Mr. Transmission, Charlotte, NC. Thanks for the help! :D
  11. Pretty expensive for clutch work? Should I try puttin fluid in it first?
  12. I've only had it for two months. When I first got it, it was fairly normal. Now, its pretty noticable. I think since it happened so quickly, it may be fluid, but I can't seem to find the reservoir..... :whistles: Sad, ain't it?
  13. I have a manual '92 ES 300 with 160,000 mi. In every gear, the engine revs to about 4000 rpm before the car speeds up. THIS IS KILLING MY GAS! Could this mean that there is something wrong with the flywheel, or that I just need fluid? If its just the fluid, where is the reservoir? Thanks in advance.... ;)
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