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  1. I see X's but it could be cause im at work and this computer has mental issues.. I'll try from home
  2. I think its the lack of cleaner, i just use a damp terry towel.
  3. No, not at all. The IS really has no sound to it untill you really get on it then you here the exhaust note. I think an exhaust on this car would sound great, bring it to life more. I've never heard the IS350 but im sure thats got a nice rumble to it.
  4. Its true, you don’t buy a Lexus cause you feel like spending 35-40K its because of the pimpability. You can just as easily go out and spend 20K on a Honda/Toyota and get the same reliability, etc. It’s just that those have no pimp factor... Do you want to be the guy lacking pimp factor??? I think not. I think im loosing it :D
  5. What color interior do you have? If it’s black, then the tint will look darker from the outside. I like a nice 35%, with black interior it looks nice and dark from the outside but you can see out of it from the interior. You can go 20% but to me that’s to dark, makes seeing at night a pain. A quality job on a 4 door should run you around $200-$250 anything cheaper chances are they are using crappy tint. Your best bet is to do some research around your area on the shops.
  6. Sweet, it must look wicked on wheels. I was thinking/looked at benz, cady, etc. but then i saw the IS and well...i fell in love :D
  7. I traded in a 05 Acura RSX Type S for my IS250. Ones a sport compact and the other luxury sedan, Its 2 totally different cars, Its a 10K difference to top it off. So you’re looking at it all the wrong way, it’s not about whose is faster it’s who can pimp harder ;) Its no big deal if your girls car is faster anyways, my girl drives a new TL and that thing would smoke me any day, but I look better.
  8. I like the wood look and all (prefer the aluminum look more) but it fingerprints really easy. Its like I clean it and 2 days later it’s all greasy looking. Its like I went to KFC and took the drumstick and started rubbing it on the wood.
  9. It was a tough job sometimes. :D You were in quality controll? Really? That much have been interesting, how did you test the products ;) I went to look the the ML350. How does she/you like it?
  10. Its a pleasure to meet everyone, Keep the intro's comming By the way, i tought Durex made condoms
  11. Like the topic says, just wanted to get an idea what you IS guys and gals do for a living, where your from, and what other cars you drive besides the Lex. I’m from Nutley, New Jersey been here almost my entire life, aside from some 7 yrs in Florida. I’m a Financial Specialist for the 4th largest bank in the US. I’ve had my Lex for 2 months now, its my first one :D I also have a 06 Acura TL (my g/f and I) By the way im Vito. :)
  12. With the way im going... 0__15___20 would be more then enough :D
  13. My norm is like 20.X avg. I think that sucks, i feel like all i do is feed the car and at 3.xx a gal im going to need a part-time job to keep up with it
  14. My lexus sales guy had no clue what was going on Acura was awsome with our test drive they let me and my girl take it out alone, told us to take our time, its nice not having a salesman trying to sell you from the back seat :D
  15. How is that SMG transmission as far as reliability goes? Man, I'd hate to see what a replacement costs... I haven't really used it at all. Our car only has a couple hundred miles on it though. Never really heard any problems with them, they do come out with upgrades now and again. All you have to do is go to BMW and they re-flash the trans ecu with the new program. The Farrari F1 is the most advanced auto-stick on the planet, they say BMW is like the second.
  16. 37K, i dont know about all that...that would be like over 7k off sticker, thas alot. Could you imagine getting 7k of the TL :D 1500+ more?? thats insane Mine was like 35,xxx i would have never bought it for 36,xxxx unless i was getting HID's, XM/Sirius, etc.
  17. I love the TL, like I said above I’m either driving my IS or my girls TL. I wont argue with you on the torque steer issue, it does pull. The TL puts down some serious power though, and like I said the 6spd will not disappoint. If you can get the TL with the entire A-spec package, (18” rims, full lip kit, wing, suspensions, etc.) I would be all over it. The TL with Nav and entire A-spec kit you should be around the 40k mark, if you can get it 4k of MSRP, you cant beat that. Lexus is not going to take 4K off of the IS. I know for a fact that Acura can give you the crack head price, cause we got our TL for 4200 off MSRP.
  18. I guess each dealer is different, because my Acura dealer had loaner cars and would offer them to me. There was never a real need for one, oil changes only take 20-30 min, id rather wait then have to come back. I haven’t really dealt with Lexus service yet, but will be at my 5K mile service so we see. I couldn’t agree more about the sales process, Acura was so much better and the deal...forget it I only wish I could have got half the deal we got on the TL on the IS. The Lexus people were do you put it...stuck up, but it is a more luxurious car. If you got the IS with all those extras, you have to be near 40K, you might as well go with the TL A-Spec and Nav(which is in and around the same price), let me tell you the TL 6spd will NOT disappoint. Its got some serious power, and it shifts like a sports car. This is my first Lexus, so I guess I have to wait out the experience and then make my judgments. .
  19. So i cant do a staggered offset (ie 18X8F and 18.5R)?? So i can go 19's jsut have to keep everthing the same so if i go 19X8.5 all the way around i should be fine right? Thanks again for the help
  20. It didn't come with wheels? No. I got my 350 in October and it's been sitting in the front yard on blocks ever since. :chairshot: LOL thats one expensive lawn ornament Whats the wheel stats on a 350? There 18's right? How wide 18x8 or 8.5?
  21. I always thought German cars were bad, but the My IS is a pain. I went to town cleaning the car on Sunday, worked the wheels with wax and all and you can already see the black on the rims 3 days later. It’s driving me nuts. I need to start using some products everyone’s been recommending.