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  1. I have a 92 LS 400 (two toned blue) with blue interior and i need the following items: 1. Blue seatbelts (mine won't retract) 2. blue floormats (OEM) 3. Red/clear taillights 4. Silver trim around front rear bumpers 5. Climate control assemby (my LCD is black and not showing) if you know where i can purchase these items, that would be appreciated...thanks
  2. I can now see the photos..Thanks a lovely auto. I'll try to private message you now. Overpriced, seat tears, No Nakamichi Either, should be about 1500 less than listing. Good car, lower the price and it should sell No seat tears at all, If the buyer wants nak in the car that can be arranged, No problem. You have to see it to beleive it !!! One of the finest kept LS's out there. New price, $5k And you make arrangements to pick up the car as stated above. I am seriously considering selling my GS and have this LS in my garage. Yes, A 98 for a 92 B)
  3. how much for the climate control assembly?
  4. still have these lamps also, where can i purchase the rear taillight lamps with clear?\
  5. dbullen, you still have the clockspring.......i was going to get rid of my 93 but decided to keep it... also, what about the seat belts (mine won't retract)
  6. I need the following.....I have the two toned blue 92 LS 400 the silver trim (moulding) around the front and rear bumper. the blue seat belts (mine won't retract) or can you just purchase the retraction mechanism? fenderwell moulding (black)
  7. looking for the blue floormats from a 92 LS 400........
  8. Where can i purchase a clock spring for a 92 LS 400?
  9. I have a 92 LS 400 and decided to put chrome emblems instead of the gold......does anyone have the LS 400 and the front grill emblem? ebay has them but i think the grill emblem has the pins and the ones on ebay are all adhesive.......thanks
  10. Recently started smelling fuel under the hood, so one day as i am driving there is smoke filling the inside of my car.....I thought "hell, this thing is on fire" so i bailed out" come to find out that the seals on my fuel injectors are i need the following parts: 1. Injector seals 2. Plug and wires (best kind?) 3. While i have it down that far, might as well change out or rebuild starter? where is best place to buy one? 4. the engine wire harness may have gotten "frayed" during the time all the smoke occured, so i need a engine wire harness? any help would be greatly apprecia
  11. Does anyone know where I can get the middle console in blue for my 92 LS 400 also, the original carpet and mats for this car......the carpet on the drivers side door came off on my daughter and she did not notice it.........hate that?
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