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  1. its just a grille up front. there are 3 speakers in ach door and one sub in the rear deck.
  2. if thats truly the case, those people you speak of need to get a life. LOL
  3. its just a dog. you know its ok to leave him at home right?
  4. you didnt have to get xm. lexus will have the sirius unit available for the IS in june.
  5. I got my IS250 with auto, a spoiler and the prefered equipment package that includes a trunk mat, wheel locks and cargo net for 33500 out the door.
  6. Those kits in crutchfield are brand specific. In other words, a Kenwood receiver box will only work with a Kenwood head unit. The same goes for Pioneer and so on and so forth. The kit from Lexus is a receiver that is installed behind the stock radio and is brand specific to the stock head unit.
  7. I tried to order from the same place last week. I got a call from a guy who works at Sewall Lexus, the dealer that runs the site. He told me that the Sirius units were all on backorder and there were 20 people ahead of me to get them. With that in mind, he told me not to expect the radio any time soon.
  8. What's the best product to use on the new non-glare dash boards? I tried using ArmorAll but it made the dash a little too shiny for my liking. I'm tempted to try the vinyl protectant that Lexus sells but I wanted to see if anybody had any suggestions before I do that. Thanks in advance.
  9. Does anybody know the arrival date for the Sirius satellite radio units for the 06 IS250? I called my local dealership and all the have is XM. I couldn't get a straight answer for the date when Sirius will be available. Does anybody have any inside info? Thanks in advance.