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  1. Priceses of parts for GS in poland: door complet 300$ (per pcs.) structural frame between wheel 350$ ect. Front is OK. My cusin is mechanic and he has special frame to align the car. Cost of work around 300-350$.Cost of painting 400$. I really appreciative of you help. best
  2. What's about doors from Camry (from this same year)? Knows somebody something about it? They gona works or not? Please let me know if you have some information about it? Thax for any help Andy
  3. Hi For lexus Gs all this parts in Poland around 1000-1300$ labor cost 1000$ is not to much. Car is worth around 7000-9000 Thax for your replay Andy
  4. Thax chadmg7 for your help. All best Andy
  5. Hi, I had a accident and right know I've a problem to bay body parts for ES 300 (1996). I live in Poland and as I know this model ES was design for US market (there is no parts for this model in Poland only for GS and other models) . My question is: have GS 300 and ES 300 the same parts (I mean if the doors and glass are the same) or is possieble to use other makes parts (I mean Toyota camry or other toyota model). Thax for any help (and sorry for my english). Best Andy from Poland :(
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