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  1. :) I finally found a 150 amp fuse at the local LEXUS dealer, cost me $11.00. To get the old fuse out was a bit of a chore . Well I cranked the car and it started and I let it run untill the engine warmed up. I hope the fuses don't blow :chairshot: again but next time the first thing I'll check of course are the fuses. I'll keep my fingers crossed :whistles: .
  2. My '93 w/ only 37000 miles, SC400 also had the famous P/S Pump leak and alternator crap out syndrome. I just recharged the battery daily. Called the local LEXUS dealer and he quoted me a price of $1,500. Removing the pump is a b# $%h. A rebuilt DENSO was $220 and a rebuilt Pump may cost you $250 but first time labor is quite a learning experience. Maybe a mechanic friend can install for a discount it would really be worthwhile.
  3. I found out why SC400 did not start. Three fuses were blown; The 150 AMP ALT , 20 AMP radio and 7.5 Amp TRAC. I was not able to remove the 150A yet! but bent the two leads to establish contact, replaced the 7.5 amp fuse and wonder of wonders, turned the igniition key to ACC and on came the dash lights and I was able to move the shifter. I did not want to start the car until I correctly replace the 150 AMP fuse. I will be visiting the LEXUS or TOYOTA dealer to see if I can get a 150 AMP fuse. Now If I can only find out why fuse's blew but maybe just maybe it was just a fluke ( small chan
  4. I forgot to mention that the dash lights and radio and temp controls do not work. The weird thing though is that the shifter is locked in PARK and the car cannot be moved. I'm just lucky that this is my Summer car and I don't need to use it. I bought the SC400 with only 37,000 miles and now it has only 41,000 miles. I replaced the P/S pump and alternator myself even though it took a lot of time. I'm not looking forward to more mechanical work and in this instance don't even know where to start. I'll probably end up calling LEXUS and bit the bullit. Will let you know what happens.
  5. My 93 SC400 will not start; I started it last month and ran it for about 30 min. Tried to start it two days ago and nothing happened. I bought a new battery thinking the battery was bad, Here is a list of what works 1. Headlights work, courtesy lights work, interior lights work, alarm works Here is a list of what does NOT work; 1. car will not crank 2. Shifter will not move out of PARK position 3. Remote key does not not work 4. Dash lights do not work I thought that the security system was disabled but everything I tried had no effect. Does anyone have any ideas ? I thought of tow
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