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  1. We had a 03 RX AWD Tranny die @ 48k. It was services from day 1 @ lexus. Since then we have had the tranny services every 15k, and now we are past the 80k mark, and was looking to get another RX. Was looking @ 06 RX 330, does the 330s have tranny problems, or has it been corrected. I havnt seen many complaints about them.
  2. The 350 is a nice car. Its a little bigger then the 300. Got a call today when my car was suppose to be done, they told me a axle is bad also. So they have to replace that also. So I wont see my car till sometime next week :( I guess this car was taken care of LOL. I wonder what else is going to go wrong.
  3. Lexus told me that the pump inside the tranmission stopped working. so that it didnt move around the fliud inside the trans. so then the trans burned up. New transmission for me. All covered. They have me a RX 350 to drive for the week. Still not happy that only 50k on the car and the trans went. But I guess thats what I get for buying the RX 300. Ill keep it till the warranty expires. They had asked me if I wanted to extend the CPO warranty from 3 years 100k to 5 years 100k when I bought it. I had declined when I bought it casue I didnt think I needed it. Now Im thinking that I should have got the extended 5 years. Anyone know if you can get the warranty extended now. or is it too late?
  4. I just got stuck with my 03 RX 300 AWD (50k miles) on saturday night. Was driving it, turned down a road that was closed due to a accident, went to do a K turn, backed up, went to put it in drive, and no no forward gears. reverse still works, but no drive gears along with the park isnt working, car was rolling back in park, had to keep the parking brake on cause I was on a hill. I just bought this car in march from lexus as a CPO. Got it towed to lexus cant wait to see what they say on monday morning. Im just a little *BLEEP*ed LOL. 50k on the car if the trans went. I know they are a weak trans but 50k come on lol.. On a positive note, roadside assistance was actually nice LOL. Only took the flatbed 15 mins to get to me. After I got dropped off, Lexus roadside called me to make sure everything was fine. Figured I would be nice to the lady on the other end cause it wasnt her fault thier suv sucks LOL. If they tell me something is not covered I am going to flip, and prob go very hostile on them, cause I was already *BLEEP*ed off @ them, cause the salesmen had told me that I got a loaner on any servicing they do, cause he told me to schedule the 1st servicing with them with 2 weeks notice to make sure I got a loaner, vs what I was told by servicing that it needs to qualify for a loaner, and just reg servicing doenst qualify. I might just give the salesmen a piece of my mind anyway hehe.
  5. OK so its not just me about the winter behavior of it. Do putting a set of winter tires on it help with the rear coming out? I know when I had winters on my FWD cars. they were more or less perfect in the snow. Never had a hint of problems with them. I was hoping AWD helped even more, but mabye I was just hoping too much.
  6. Thanks for all the replys. I was just very surprised in how it handles. The AWD system is working, cause it helped me out getting up a hill thats ive got stuck on before. Just was very surprised in this cars reaction off the line turning. It has a set of bridgestones on it, not sure which ones. would have to look. It acted very much like a RWD car w/o stablilty. Ive driving in the snow one of my friends 7 series, and when stability is off. I could spin the car on command, but with the system on, theres no way to spin it, it reacts instantly to keep you moving where you want to. The VSC on my RX didnt react till I was almost sideways, I didnt have a problem countersteering to correct for the spin, and I was able to control it every time it did, just scared the living crap out of me, was not expecting this type of driving trait with a AWD car. The car really felt like it unloaded the front, and sent everything to the rear, cause it was a delay from when I started the turn, to when the rear came out. Im not that impressed with the tires the lexus dealer put on it, they replaced the fronts when I bought the car, they matched the tired, so they are all the same tire, The tread doesnt look very aggressive @ all, more like a summer tire vs. SUV tire.
  7. I just bought a 2003 RX 300 AWD with the lexus CPO program. Ive been very pleased with it for the last 2 weeks that Ive had it, however today it snowed. I was excited to see how it was going to handle expecting it to be better then my old FWD car. To my surprise this RX is not driveable in the snow :( Any time im trying to turn @ a stop sign Im having major problems. I try to accel a little just like I have drivin every other car. mostly FWDs some with snows some w/o. The rear of the RX is coming out from me. The car keeps getting almost sideways before the vsc turns on and trys to help me. This car has un nerved me. Ive always been a very confident driver in the snow, but this car has me wondering if I should go out or not. Anyone else have problems with this car in the snow.?