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  1. I bought my 2006 RX 400h new. At a little over 12,000 miles, the original Continental tires were down to the wear replacement marks. I took it into our local dealer and made a fuss. They replaced them with Michelin tires that the new models had for free. Then at just over 25,000 miles the Michelin tires were down to the wear replacement marks. Sad. Out of Lexus original warranty by then. All Lexus dealer suggested was to contact Michelin direct. I called Michelin and made another fuss with their customer service and they gave me a rebate number/case number to use when I purchase replacement tires. I shopped around and found a high rated Bridgestone with LRR, quiet, rated high in handling and performance and 65,000 miles warranty at America's Tire Center. Also got the free replacement warranty with it. With the special price sale, additional $80 rebate on a debit card and the Michelin adjustment that was given with the case number that America's Tire confirmed by phone, the total for the 4 new tires was $180 to me. Michelin no longer offered a mileage warranty for Lexus RX models. Strange. A few weeks after I purchased the new tires, one of them developed a leak going down the road. AAA put the spare on and could find no reason for the leak. America's tire replace it for free because the low pressure had ruined the sidewall of the tire. America's tire could not find out what caused the leak either. That was worth the few bucks for the replacement coverage. The RX mileage is at 50,000(25,000 on the Bridgestones) and they have plenty of tread left. Probably another 25,000+ mileage. I am happy. Why in the world would Lexus put us RX owners through the hassle, though? CDFCHIEF
  2. Just received the Navigation 10.1 DVD from SUPERSTITION SPRINGS LEXUS PARTS on Ebay for $199, shipping free. The upgrade from ver.4.0 to 10.1 installation was very quick and works flawlessly. If anyone wants to know the step by step, let me know. Even a caveman can do it. Gave SUPERSTITION SPRINGS LEXUS PARTS outstanding feedback for the quick and efficient delivery. Eric
  3. I had no problem transferring my ATT Sony Ericsson to the 2006 Lexus RX400h when I got both at the same time. A breeze. The Nav on board phone list worked well with the new Verizon LG Chocolate Touch. It was when I tried to change a phone number from the Touch, the phone number transferred but wiped out all the other phone numbers. Still haven't got the numbers transferred. The LG Touch works well. I may wind up adding the ATT Sony to the Lexus bluetooth and add the phone numbers at once that way. Someone else wrote that he could add a phone number manually within the Lexus Nav. I will try that, too. I bought mine new in 2006 and still love it. Service is a little steep, but I shop around the various dealers. $880 at one and $500 at another for the same thing. Amazing. I will share with the forum when I get it all figured out. I am stubborn. E
  4. I have a 2006 RX 400h and a new Verizon Chocolate Touch cell phone. Bluetooth connection was easy. I can't find out how to transfer phone book from cell phone to the navigation hands-free phone system. All help will be appreciated. Neither cell phone or Lexus manual mentions how to do it.
  5. I hope you get the post today about my positive outcome in premature tire wear on my RX400h. Sure was different than the others on this thread on tire wear. I am very happy with my no cost Michelin tire replacement at the local Lexus dealer. Am I overly persuasive? Sure is not my good looks! Palm Desert, CA
  6. My 2006 RX400h has been a very nice ride for over 2 years. I recently had a small rock hit the windshield from a passing truck between the top of the hood, just below the windshield wiper arm. A few days later, I noticed a small crack appearing above the wiper. Before I could have the crack sealed, it expanded up to the middle and clear across the windshield the same day, appreciably obscuring vision. Also a ticket getter. I had the local dealer inspect the windshield and ordered replacement, driving off in their near new RX450 loaner. Due to the rock chip, it wasn't covered by warranty. Uh oh. The replacement total cost was $1719.00. At first, my insurance company started to balk about the dealer arranging the replacement windshield. The company they recommended had to purchase the windshield from Lexus, it turned out. That company was going to charge even more than the dealer. The windshield replacement was done by the local Lexus dealer and according to my insurance company, at a very reasonable cost. We are both happy and I remain a very satisfied Lexus RX400h owner. Amazing. Palm Desert, CA
  7. I had a very pleasant experience at our local Lexus dealer at just over 12,000 miles, just shy of 2 years since purchase. My original Goodyear tires were approaching the point of not being safe, IMHO. Lincoln head on a penny depth. The inside front drivers side was also showing extra wear. The dealer inspected the tires and obvious premature wear. They quickly replaced all of the Goodyear tires with the appropriate new Michelin tires that all of the new RX400h on their sales lot had on them. They replaced the tires, balanced and aligned the front end at no cost. Now that is excellent service. I am a very satisfied Lexus RX 400h customer. A lot of the forum posts are complaints, but not this one! Palm Desert, CA
  8. I had a rock hit my 2006 RX400h from a passing vehicle. I had the Lexus dealer replace the windshield because the crack extended up the drivers side, across the middle to obstruct vision. The dealer charged $1709. The Lexus windshield was over $1400 alone. Is this reasonable? I have $500 deductible comprehensive insurance. Now the insurance adjuster claims the dealer overcharged for the job. I called the insurance company recommended glass installer for an estimate and the installer said they would have to get the windshield from Lexus due to the rain sensors and special properties of the RX 400h. Anybody getting this issue when replacing windshields from accidental damage that is covered by comprehensive insurance? Thanks for your response.
  9. Thanks for the replies. I hope someone has figured out the programming of personal settings and will respond back. Otherwise, I guess I will spend the free visit to Lexus to do it. The manual doesn't cover this and refers you to the dealer.
  10. I haven't had the personalized settings done at the Lexus dealer yet. Originally, I had planned to have this done at the 5000 mile free service. The check sheet says the customize features must be programmed by your Lexus dealer. I would like to change a couple of them now at 2000 miles, but don't want to take the RX400h in yet to the dealer. The dealer is required to change the default settings only once. That seems silly. Anyone figure out how to do each of the personalized settings? It can't be that hard.
  11. We have a BMW Z4 in addition to our new RX400h. The BMW dealer will change the oil and filter at one year free, too, if you don't have 15,000 miles. They also replace my engine air filter, cabin air filter and windshield wiper blades each year. Had to prod them a little, but they did it free as part of the bumper to bumper 4 year 50,000 warranty. Lexus ought to do this, too.
  12. Do you know if this notebook procedure works with the RX400H and Motorola Razr?
  13. Bluetooth Instructions for a Motorola Razr using Cingular Press INFO on Navigation System Press Telephone on Navigation System Press Settings (you may have to toggle page) Press Transfer Phone Book Open phonebook on Razr Select phone number to transfer Press top middle button (-) Press up arrow (^) to highlight Send Press Select button Press Select button again to begin transfer Unfortunately, you have to transfer one number at a time Bluetooth_Instructions_for_a_Motorola_Razr_using_Cingular.doc
  14. The instructions for a Motorola Razr using Verizon and Cingular should be the same for transferring the cell phonebook information to the navigation system. Unfortunately, you have to transfer the information one number at a time.