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  1. Its the green stuff. And after bleeding the system, the problem hasn't occurred yet, but I haven't driven it too far. What im really worried about is this whining noise that happens only at normal operating temp.
  2. Just bled the system...... think it might be the problem, but the whine still happens. Any thought on that?
  3. Ive searched the site, but have not come across a problem quite similar to mine. I had a 92, just got a 93 (wrecked the 92) and a strange cooling problem is occuring. First, this car reaches normal operating temp much faster than my old es did. Then, after about 15 minutes of driving, the temp gauge will rise when Im idle. Then when I accelerate, the gauge goes back to normal. If I drive for more than say 30 min, the guage goes to red. When I looked under the hood after this happened, there was no smoke or visible leak anywhere. I figure it to be a circulation problem but dont know wher
  4. I had my tranny flushed recently (I have a 92). It costed me about $179. There is a filter to be changed in it. If there were no filter, then the transmission would probably have to be flushed every oil change. This is a good price. I got mine done at an independent transmission service that used the motorvac transmission machine. The fluid is not special... it is Dexron III now as they do not make Dexron II anymore.
  5. Ok.... the BOTTOM hose is the one that tells you if your thermostat is working, not the top one. When is the last time you changed your water pump? - could be a problem. To check the water pump, get engine to normal temp and squeeze the top hose. If you feel a pressure surge as you release the hose, then the pump is working fine. Also, if you had the green stuff in before without any problems, then you should have stayed with it. I also read all of the posts on the debate over antifreeze, but I've had the green stuff in forever and it never has done me wrong. I have a 92 - same engine
  6. My pan in my 92 was leaking also. All I did was take it apart, scrape off old material and apply a good amount of sealant to the proper places. Make sure to clean the mating sides of the pan and the engine block with acetone or something like that. ( I hope I'm not a hick for doing this ). As for the leak from the passenger's side - it could be coming from the timing belt area leaking off the tensioner. I had this problem. Just take off the no. 2 timing belt cover and look for where the oil is leaking from.
  7. I need to get access to the window and door lock... I don't want to remove the door, just to disassemble it. Hope this clears it up
  8. Sorry, might want to specify, I have to get to the window and such Not removing the door, but removing inside door panel...
  9. Trying to take the driver's side door of my 92 es off for a number of reasons. Has anyone done this before? I know I could take to a shop, but why spend $75 if I don't have to? Any help with this project?
  10. Driver's door lock on the outside fell through... grrr what a pain. Does the door handle come off? I tried to take it off but was unsuccessful. Hopefully I don't have to take the door apart, but if I do, how easy (hard) is this project?
  11. I was having power problems also... easy fix though. I went and bought a volt meter to tell me where the problem was. Wal Mart sells these for around $10. Volt meter read 12 volts under the hood but only 7 volts going to my amp. Found where the problem was, ground wire wasnt fit tight enough to chassis of car. Had another problem with battery wire - volt meter led me to problem. My suggestion - buy a volt meter.
  12. The front speakers in the 92 es 300 sound terrible if the bass is turned up as well as the volume. Im sure everyone agrees. Just a popping sound, no bass sound really. Anyway, is there a way have the door speakers just play highs, crossover maybe in stock amp? I have a subwoofer in trunk and bass sounds really good if fader is on back and bass is up, but no highs. I turn the bass down and make even fade but the sub doesn't hit nearly as much. I am running the stock radio with this setup but hopefully there is a way to solve this problem.
  13. Maybe Im overlooking, but where is the cigarette lighter? I have a 92 ES (bought a month ago and still figuring out where everything is) and can't find the lighter. Maybe this particular car doesn't have one? But where would I plug in a radar detector/car charger if I have no cig lighter?
  14. Ok two questions... First, my passenger window (1992 es btw) goes down but not up with the passenger control. Driver's side control works going up and down for passenger window. Any suggestions? Second, been reading about this christmas debate about the antifreeze, how can you tell if you have red or green antifreeze in your radiator without flushing it or taking to a shop?
  15. Anyone out there replace the lights in the speedometer needles? After 11 years my 92 needles went out :( . Any suggestions?
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