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  1. Hello folks, Anyone in the forum ever remove the "mesh" cover over the speaker on the dashtop in an '04-'07 RX330/350? I took my '06 RX330 in for inspection and whoever the idiot mech was they gouged the crap out of my driverside speaker cover in the corner of the dash. Thanks! Mark
  2. I've seen Dent Wizard's work on 2 different cars one was a '02 BMW 525i which has a bodyline crease about 7 inches down from the top of the door. The dent was right on that crease line - I saw the car before and after -- I would never have suspected there was a dent there - and right on the crease line, which made it even more difficult to remove. The other was a dent on the fender of my dad's '01 Volvo Cross Country - again they removed it - there was no wavyness or any blemish of any kind when they were done. These cars were fixed by two completely different branches of Dent Wizard in different parts of PA. I'm really impressed. Mark
  3. when you refill the tank do you reset BOTH trip odometers? If not, I think the computer is taking the average from the past several thousand miles you've driven. I reset my trip odometers first, then fill the tank. When I drive away from the station, the AVG gas mileage from the previous tankful will momentarily display then reset to zero and calculate from there. I think reseting the trip odometers lets the car know that you've filled the tank. I always reset the trip odometers before filling the tank - it is just a habit of mine. I usually pull 18-19mpg in a combo of city/highway driving. I have an '06 RX330 with about 2,700 miles on it. I use regular 87 octane gas in it. Mark
  4. There is nothing wrong with Pilkington windshields - they are an OEM supplier to various car makers - I had 2 BMWs that had Pilkington Windshields and my dad's Volvo has one. I don't think there would be any difference between the Lexus OEM windshield versus the Pilkington.
  5. Bug guts are a *BLEEP*er to get off. The tar on the other hand I can help you with -- use AVON Skin-so-soft. I kid you not -- takes off tar like nothing else I've tried and smells nice too! Plus, my hands are as smooth as a baby's bottom! :D I've used it ON paint and plastic fascia -- NEVER had it damage or discolor. I rinse the area with soap and water after I'm finshed. So ask your wife the next time she orders AVON. Cheers Mark
  6. the seating position can only be memorized in "park"
  7. I had an '02 BMW 530i that had the HID lights on the low beam and ulgy stock yellowish halogens on the high beam. I replaced the high beams with the Sylvania Silverstar and the color temperature was almost the same as the HID lights. I most recently had an '06 GS300 that had the HID low beams and I replaced the high beams again with Silverstar bulbs and again the color was almost the same as the HID. Although there was no mods to the high beam reflectors on that car, I thought the pattern of light produced by the Silverstar bulbs was better than the stock Halogen Bulbs. It actually looked different, it wasn't just the color, the Silverstar bulbs were much better - not necessarily brighter, but there was more coverage with the Silverstar high beams. Mark
  8. get rid of those tires! I had duelers on a Suzuki Vitara and they were awful. They didn't wear well and had, in my opinion very poor wet/snow traction. They were even worse when worn. I can't imagine it is the vehicle itself but the tires you are running. What mileage do you have on them? Mark
  9. thanks for the input! I don't plan keeping this mask on all the time - just through the "cinder" months here in PA and then I think I might go for the clear film covers. Like I said I did this to get something on the car to protect it right away - so this was just a temporary measure. It has been on about 2 weeks now, and over the weekend I plan to take it off to clean underneath. I wipe the uppper edge with a soft cloth to get any debris off and it looks to me like hardly any dirt has gotten down underneath very far. Again, thanks for everyone who commented on my topic. Mark
  10. I thought about everything you said about the paint abrasion and fading before I bought the mask, but I only intend to keep it on during the winter months here in PA - they tend to cinder the roads here quite a bit. I had the car a week before I put it on and made absolutely sure the area was washed before I put it on. The mask is so well form fitting that I don't think it moves very much judging from the way it fits. Do you know of any clear "stick on" films that I could put on myself? Sort of like those window cling decorations that you can buy at all the holidays? I didn't get this mask with the intention of it being permanent. But it was the best I thought I could come up with in a hurry before some chips appeared. I've had 2 BMW 3 series and 1 5 series all of which had the type hood where the grill was integrated into the hood metal. I found that 90% of stone chips were not on the flat hood surface but on the exposed painted area around the grill in the front. I appreciate any suggestions or comments you have thanks for the input! Mark
  11. Hi! I had an '06 GS300 AWD that had a build date of 6/05 that I just recently traded on a '06 RX330 for space reasons - My GS had a tempermental unlocking system as well, the entire time I owned it from 7/05 to 2/06 - it would sometimes not be able to unlock as you describe with either the front driver door or the rear driver door. I could see in the car and it was saying on the dash "key not detected" - maybe there is a software update available - but perhaps the colder temps did affect it. My GS had the most vague steering of any "sport" type car I ever owned. I constantly felt as though I was weaving on the highway. I had traded an '04 Toyota Sequioa on it and I had no problem with that, perhaps because the steering in that was not as sensitive. I've previously owned BMWs and I never had a problem with those cars either. So I'm at a loss on that. I don't feel "weavy" in my RX. All I can say is refer it to your dealer and see if they may have a software upgrade. Mark
  12. I have a new rx330 that I got about a week ago, and I bought the Lexus front end mask for it. What should I know about the care of the paint of the car and the care of the mask? Anyone have these for a while on their vehicle? I daily wipe under the uppermost lip that makes contact with the hood to remove and debris. Thanks! Mark