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  1. Hi there, Thank you all for being here when I had a question or a problem. I just sold my IS350 yesterday and got myself the car I was dreaming of (BMW M3 Convertible). I know some of you will say that it was not a good call but I wanted the M3 for a while and now I got it. I did the math and with all the money I spend at the Lexus dealer on oil changes and services it wasn't worth it to stay with the Lexus. With BMW all the services such as brakes and oil changes are included, so it comes up to just a little bit more a month for the M3 (I am talking about maybe $100 more a month). I was going to service every 2 months and paid almost $250 so it was about $125 extra a month if you do the math. I know some of you don't do it at the dealer but I was told that if there is a problem later and the service was not done with Lexus I would have a chance for the warranty to void so I did not take a chance. Anyway, thank you again and good luck with your IS.
  2. I fixed a dent on my 350 without taking it to a body shop. I went to the dealer and they told me to paint the whole door and the back door too. ($2500.00) But as usuall they are trying to charge us as much as they can so... I took it to my friends BMW dealership and he called the guy that fix the dents for them and.... I ended up spending $100.00 and you cannot see a thing!!! I know where it is and I still cannot see a thing. BEWARE OF DEALERSHIPS!!!
  3. I have to strongly disagree! I have the IS350 and I don't think the G35 is ugly. It is a very nice car. For some reason girls don't like it (like my wife), maybe it is too macho looking. The best car out there is...... what ever you choose! All these crap about which car is better is just too old. Some people love G35 and some love the BMW, others love the Lexus... but each of these cars is unique in its own way. I would not mind drive a nice G35, I would love to drive and own the new 335i and would trade my IS350 for the new M3 when it comes out for sure, and I would maybe stay with lexus if they came out with there own version of M3. Buttom line is that they are all nice cars and each one of us should choose what ever fits his/hers life style. Lexus is good for luxury, BMW for sports and G35 for the sporty look. Lexus is not good in handling, BMW is too plain inside and the G35 is not as fast or roomy. I would not complain having any of these cars but...... Put me in a Lamborghini and screw all these cars, lol.
  4. Great car, I have it for 8 months (IS350). I know alot of people will boo me for this but you should look into a low miles M3 or the new BMW 335. These 2 cars are very fast and the 335 will come in 4 doors in a couple of months. I saw it and it is sweet. It is the fastest and has the best handling in its class but as far as luxury Lexus is better. It also comes in stick which Lexus does not offer.
  5. I'm at 10,300... 19.2 for Overall average... Only had my girl for 6 months.... Lets just say I'm glad fuel prices are going down.. I have 14k miles 8 months and average 19.3 mpg, I guess thats the average for big city IS350 drivers. (19-20)
  6. Could you just imagine the IS350 from 50-80? Trust me, it is a lot of fun.
  7. I don't understand how a Lexus dealer would do it for 56 dollars. I wish I would have the dealer doing it for a 100 dollars. I decided to continue doing my services at the dealers and take the loaner car include. I am also going to write it off like the guys mentioned earlier and pay with my cooperate account. I don't understand how a Lexus dealer would do it for 56 dollars. I wish I would have the dealer doing it for a 100 dollars. I decided to continue doing my services at the dealers and take the loaner car include. I am also going to write it off like the guys mentioned earlier and pay with my cooperate account.
  8. I guess it is 50/50 here about this issue. One thing my dealership offers and I did not know until after I bought the car is that you can prepay for service about $400 for 4 years of oil change or 50k not including the BIG service at 30k. Thats a good deal. So next time if you buy a new Lexus ask your dealer if they have this program. I did it to my girl's new car. we paid $400 for 4 years. I am still debating if to continue my services for my car with the dealer especially after they told me it would be $50 more if they put synthetic oil. Thanks for all the different advises.
  9. So you saying I should pay the $175 for the oil change and maint' every 5000 miles? And proably even more when it will be 15k 20k or 30k
  10. What about a major service or all the stuff the dealer claims to check in your car while it's there?
  11. Is there a reason why a dealer charge $175 + tax for an oil change?! I paid it once at 5000 miles for my IS350 but I don't want to do it again. I could put synthetic oil somewhere else and still not even pay half of that! Should I stay with the dealer for the oil change because of warranty issues or should I go somewhere else? I hate the fact that they taking advantage of the situation.
  12. I wrote " Are we NOT the fastest mid Sedan anymore?" "BMW projected 5.3 seconds 0-60 for the new twin-turbo 335i coupe. Make that 4.9 seconds, says Car and Driver in a review in its October issue." 6 speed, better handling and faster?! Why would I think the IS350 is better? (as a lease not a buy) BMW gives service included. Any good points why to stay with the Lexus if the BMW came out with a super car?
  13. Is the new X package is the sport package? When I went on the website they don't offer sport anymore so I was wondering if this is the sport package. Also I didnt see this package with ML yet, I want to change my 06 with no nav to 07 with sport and ML. Should I wait until this one comes with ML or they still having sport pakcage with ML coming out? I love my 06 but I dont like to use these portable Nav on a new lexus, plus I need the hands free built in bluetooth for the phone. Should I sell my 06 and then get an 07 or trade it for an 07? I think selling will make more sense cause the dealer will not give me a good trade in value for it. Does anyone have a proffesional answers to all these questions? lol
  14. And you have the intake from K&N which I already have on my car.
  15. So many people here could afford the GS and bought the IS. I have an IS350 and I would never get the GS because it doesnt have the sporty look and never will. If you do not have kids or won't have kids soon I would recommend the IS. I have people with GS that tell me they want to trade in for the IS. I think I would buy a GS or anything at that size when I will be in my 50's. As far as kids, I will get an SUV for my wife and enjoy this little beast. I traded a bigger luxury sadan for this and I think it is the best thing I have ever done. I felt like I don't need all the space and the outside size of it. I love the size of the car and the way it is so quick.
  16. You see, not a good idea after all. look at the respones.
  17. RX maybe we should drive from L.A north and you guys drive south and we'll meet up at Pismo beach or something, lol.
  18. I hope so too barron. I just don't know if this website is enough to bring at least 15-20 people. If not I hope you have a suggestion how to bring more pepole. I would like to do that soon. If anyone is interesed let me know here and we'll set the date. Thank you
  19. * I don't know the mpg yet but I will let you know if it is better * I bought for 180 at a place called "Dark Side" at Chatsworth, CA I was surprised as well because on their website it is 279 * It adds 11.27 hp in the wheels which means about 20 in the engine and trust me you can feel it and it feels like more then 11.27 hp.
  20. So maybe we could just do a lexus run :P everyone is welcome
  21. You can remove it any time you want (use a pro for that) and if a pro installs it, it would never bubble or peal. The ones you see on old cars were film bought at pepboys and installed by the person who owned the car. Trust me, I know people who removed it and reinstall it just for a fixing ticket.
  22. I think it would be nice to have all the IS350s/250s that we can and drive on the weekend along the coast from L.A. to maybe Santa Barbara and back with lunch in the middle kinda like they have with corvettes and other cars. I would do it, meet up at Santa Monica and drive from there on Sunday morning. Maybe do it every few months, would be nice. People can show their Lexus if they done something to it. Anyone is up to it?
  23. From what I have read... they seem to be the same thing... the Fujita has been out longer... I would go by price if I was buying it... also I would go with the Fujita being they have the black one... Let us know how you like it! I LOVE IT!!! I can feel the power very well. When I drive normal I don't hear the roar but if I floor it the car is loud but very powerfull and nice loud. lol. I bought my k&n for 180+ tax and 75 to install because I really don't have the time to do it myself, so I paid total of 280 out the door. The Fujita would cost me about 280 but NOT installed. The mid range is insane. I know you can see the intake but... who cares, how often you open the hood? and even if you do it is nice to see the extra piece that gives you the power. I would recommend it.
  24. I am getting mine today, I can't decide if to get the K&N because they claim to only gain 11.27 hp or the Fujita that claim to add 20 hp. Help!
  25. According to them it addes approx 11.27 hp I will buy one this week. Let me know if anyone tried it already.