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  1. Searched but couldn't find a decent description / pics ~ any help is greatly appreciated!!!
  2. I removed mine today, and cleaning the head did not fix the skipping. Now I need to have it serviced (or find one used/salvaged). Has anyone played around eith the "matsu*BLEEP*a (Panasonic) center console player? It has model number 86272-60040 ref # cx-vt4260a TIA
  3. As the topic implies, our DVD player has finally died - I need to replace a belt inside, but cannot for the life of me figure out how to remove the DVD player from the center console (between the front seats). We have the rear entertainment package for what it is worth... Any clues are greatly appreciated TIA!!!
  4. Did the mods for DVD playback while driving (wife loves it for long hauls) - thanks for that. Here's one I can't find any info for: I would like to find te DVD video input signal, and add a connector/switch so that the kids can play the PS2 while driving (with the video playback). It seems there are two ways to do this: 1. Place a switch where the DVD is conected to the system 2. Place the switch in line with the backup camera input Has anyone done this???