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  1. I have a 07 ES with about 46k miles. I noticed a small amount of oil on the garage floor. I monitored the leak over several weeks. It would amount to about a teaspoon or two over several days. Looked under the car, was not the oil filter or oil pan drain bolt. Leak appeared to be just behind the oil pan. Took it to the Lexus dealer. They called the next day and said they needed a extra day or two. That made me a little nervous. They actually kept it for about four business days. The leak was at the backside of the gasket for the timing chain cover. Apparently, during assembly, the
  2. I decided to go ahead and try this task without instructions. The biggest help for me was having the replacement taillight assembly so I could study the points of attachment. These instructions are for the taillight assembly that fits into the rear fender. The biggest help was having the replacement taillight assembly to study the points of attachment. The first thing you do is remove the small 4”x4” cover that provides access to the bulbs. After removing the cover, remove the 3 bulbs (twist ¼ turn). The light assembly has 3 threaded studs. You will need to remove the 3 nuts securing th
  3. I noticed my right rear (fender) taillight assembly was broken on my 2007 ES350. I have no idea how that happened. There is no body damage. I ordered a used one off of ebay and it has arrived. It is in very good condition. I need some help with replacing the assembly. I would appreciate it if any of you know where those directions may already exist or if you could provide those directions, that would be great. Thanks very much for any help.
  4. I have an 07 ES with 15k miles. The engine makes a very distinctive value tick noise until the engine has been running about 10 or 12 minutes. Has been serviced every 5k by Lexus dealer. I assume they are using only oil recommended by Lexus. I have considered asking them to use a 5w rather than a 10w oil. Has anyone else experienced this engine noise?
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