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  1. I have 304,000 on my 2002 RX. Couldn't wait to replace the OEM tires. Went with Firestone Destination LE. Check out info on On my 3rd set. Over 100k on each of the first two sets (lots of hwy miles of course). Excellent rain tires as well.
  2. replace air fuel sensor

  3. Due to a failed crank shaft seal, the Lexus dealer replaced my timing belt at 53k miles as part of the warranty work. I am considering a new belt as I approach 100k on the existing one (148k on RX now). I see a lot of comment suggesting that replacing the water pump as preventative is a waste of money. Considering my circumstance, should I expect my original pump to last 250k miles, or replace now? (I bought this RX with 30k miles and put mostly hwy miles on it) From checking online part sources, it would appear that the pump housing is not replaced (just seals and impeller?).
  4. I have a 2002 RX300. 2WD. 148k miles. I use Mobil 1 and chg every 7k miles. I use 2qts during that time. Had dealer chk engine recently. No sludge. They contend that this is within normal usage guidelines from Lexus, and that it can consume more oil when run on the hwy like I do.
  5. I got rid of my Goodyears and installed Firestone Destination LE's. (first Firestone tires I've used) Liked the reviews I saw on I've put 101k miles on them so far, and still have plenty of good tread (hwy miles, of course). The wet weather handling has been excellent. A great value, and easily as good as Michelin tires I have run on other previous vehicles.
  6. I had a 2001 RX300 with engine ping. Turned out to be a sludged engine. Have the valve covers pulled and inspect.
  7. I have a 2002 RX300. Bought it with 29k miles in Nov05, and had dealer examine to verify no sludge. Since then, Mobil-1 only, every 7k miles. I drive 40k hwy miles/yr. At 140k miles now, I discovered (sudden brake caused oil light to come on) that I am losing 1qt every 2-3k miles. Absolutely no leaks. Had dealer ck for sludge. Engine clean. (not checked plugs) They "researched" Lexus info, and declared that my usage is within acceptable range. They reasoned that on the highway there could be more usage than around town. Car rides fine. I figure a qt every 2-3k is cheaper than any m
  8. I "second" that question about location of the fluid extractor. appears to be a communication company.
  9. is the manual for the 1999 RX300, and describes in detail the replacement of the timing belt.
  10. I installed Destination LE's about 2 yrs ago on 02 RX300. Didn't like wet weather handling (poor) of OEM Goodyears. I drive 40k+ miles/yr, mostly hwy. Have 80k miles now, and plenty of tread left. Good hwy tire, low noise, and excellent wet weather handling. Best value out there.
  11. Thanks for comment about the Weathertech. I haven't reviewed that one. Turns out that the Lund and AVS are made my the same company. Lund only suggests the AVS for the 99-01 (can't see why it wouldn't fit 02 & 03). It insalls with the same dbl sided tape you describe. The LUND Interceptor model is installed with two steel brackets, which somehow slip through the grill and require 2 holes drilled inside/underneath the hood. Lund emailed me a pdf of the instructions for both types, but they are generic descriptions. I will loosen my grill to see if it is likely to fit properly as they
  12. is a good site for basic maintenance procedures. You might be able to email that person for comment on the timing belt. I have previously seen comments from others on this site who have replaced their belt. You might have to search the archives of this site further.
  13. I installed a Colgan bra last year on my '02 RX300. The hood cover flaps. (the mfg claimed I did not stretch it tight enough on initial installation) I do like the bumper protection. I am considering the LUND or AVS acrylic hood deflector. Any experience with these? I have some concern for using double-sided tape on the hood paint to install this item. However, I have found past experience with similar deflectors on mini vans to be very effective.
  14. Is the 2002 RX300 manual available at DivShare?
  15. I have '02 RX300, purch in Nov 05 with 29k miles. Had dealer verify no oil sludge. I drive lots of hwy miles, now have 115k miles. Use Mobil 1 only. Recently discovered that it is using about 1 qt oil every 3k miles. Just now beginning to investigate. What was your solution?
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