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  1. I am referring to the air filter intake....not the manifold so I am hoping it will be fine. He car was originally purchased in CA so it should already be CA SMog Emmission Ready. Any updated thoughts? I should not have any problems....except for visual inspection?
  2. My Lexus GS400 had a aftermarket Open Filter type intake installed when I bought it. Will I have any problems getting CA Smog Certificate? Thanks LexusWoman
  3. THIS LEXUS HAS A 2 YEAR/36,000 MILE WARRANTY AND IS AUTOCHECK ASSURED!!!! I am selling a 1999 Lexus GS400 which has been driven and maintained by a professional adult over the past year. According to an L-Sportline Rep, this vehicle was purchased new by L-Sportline ( in 1999 who completed all of the modifications to use the vehcile as their Flagship Vehicle for Car Shows. They then sold it one of their distributors in Tennessee who unfortunatly had the vehicle repo'd which is how I ended up buying it 1 year ago for my wife from the bank wholesaler. My wife has driven it ver
  4. If you are interested in buying a 99 GS400, I have one with 39K miles, warranty, Chome Rims and over $10,000 in aftermarket modifications (mostly L-Sportline) that you might be intereted in. E-Mail me at Mark
  5. You are obviously not familiar with L-Sportline's quality of products and pricing, allow me to educate you with some facts: L-Sportline Aerodynamics Package (Front Bumper Spoiler, Rear Apron & Side Skirts) - $1,750 L-Sportline Aerodynamics Package (3pc Rear Deck Spoiler) - $380 L-Sportline Aerodynamics Package (Roof Spoiler) - $285 L-Sportline Aerodynamics Package (Front Grill Replacement) - $250 The above alone totals $2,600...add at least another $650 for paint and install...brings this to $3,250. L-Sportline Stainless Steel Exhaust
  6. I was trying to get an idea of what I could get for it based on the fact that it has about $10K in modifications. If someone is interested, like yourrself, in making an offer, that would be fine. But I am not giving it away. It is a awesome car with low miles, extended warranty with a great modifications package and looks great. Thanks for input and anyone interested feel free to make offers or at least provide your unbaised opinion. Lexuswoman (by the way I am the husband of the current driver)
  7. Hey guys/gals, If I was planning on selling my 1999 Lexus GS400, I was wondering what you think I could get for it or what it's real value would be in your opinion. 1999 Lexus GS400 V8 - 36,000 original miles Extended Warranty Good Till 7/06 or 76,000 miles through Automotive Warranty Services - Platinum Coverage - $0 Deductible. Aftermarket Air Intake L-Sportline Aerodynamics Package (Front Bumper Spoiler, Rear Apron, 3pc Rear Deck Spoiler, Roof Spoiler, Side Skirts, Front Grill Replacement) L-Sportline Stainless Steel Exhaust System L-Sportline Tuned 2" Suspension Drop (Springs/Shock
  8. I had a few posts with different information and pictures, then changed my mind about selling them and I coudl nto figure out how to delete posts so I replaced each post with same text. It is kind of funny!!! I asked moderator to delete posts or at least extra posts but they said no. I could nto find a way to change the title of post either. Go figure.
  9. Sorry Methodical...Rims/Tires no longer for sale.
  10. You cna get these Sportlines for $1,500!!!
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