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  1. Were you able to eliminate this noise? I have the same gurgling noise when I accelerate...from the driver seat, I thought it was my right front tire picking up rocks as I took off, but when I inspected closer, the sound is coming from behind the stereo...I took it to Lexus, and of course it did not make the noise for the service writer. The writers had never heard of this noise before. Did this problem get fixed?
  2. Need some info: I've a 2000 GS300, bought a year and a half ago as a CPO from Lexus. Lexus installed Brigestone Potenza SO3's on it - tires with a Z speed rating (a $200 plus tire). Hate the Potenza's. Had terrible road noise after about 7k miles. At 10k miles, car jerked around with every road grove. Now at 20K, tires need to be replaced. (Here that's normal). Plus, I rarely travel 188 mph in my family Lexus-which is what the Z rating allows me. Looking for advice: TireRack survey responders rate the Bridgestone Turanza LS-Z best in the 225/55-16 Grand Touring All-Season tire size. I
  3. Thanks for the tips. What is "folia tec or G2"? Never heard of them....but I'm not in the automotive paint business either...
  4. Didnt see any posts on this topic: Does anyone know how to get rid of rust that has appeared on my gs300's wheel hubs? It is showing up in the hub area between the rotor and where the rim is bolted on - there is a 2" space here where the caliper mechanics go. I can see this rust when I look between the wheel spokes. Can I paint this area - maybe a clear lacquer or something. Anyway, any input would be appreciated. Thanks ahead of time....
  5. Here is some info I found on Engine Pinging: In a normal non-pinging engine, the spark plug fires at the desired time and initiates a flame that moves across the combustion chamber consuming the air/fuel mixture as it goes. This flame increases the temperature and pressure in the cylinder and creates your power. When the combustion chamber temperatures get high enough, it is possible for the air/fuel mixture to spontaneously combust (pre-ignition). This is what happens when a car "diesels" on runs on after the ignition is turned off. Commonly the source of the ignition is from carbon deposits
  6. Lexus recommends Premium (91 octate) fuel for my "new to me" 2000 GS300. Anyone tried using Regular (87 octane) or mid-grade (89 octane)? What, besides pinging could I expect from using the lower prices and lower octane grade? I have not seen any posts on this topic before and would appreciate some tecnical as well as non-tech replys. Thnks.
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