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  1. What are you talking about? Read my post and title. I describe finding the low pressure port for recharging AC gas. What is so hard to understand? MY PROBLEM: I HAD TROUBLE LOCATING THE LOW PRESSURE VALVE ON MY AC SYSTEM FOR REFILLING. I FOUND IT.HENCE MY POST.
  2. This is a FYI. I could find nothing online regarding the location of the low pressure ac port on a 2006 GX470. Finally had to ask the dealer. Very easy to reach once you know where it is. Facing the car,remove the left sided plastic cover.there are rivet removal tools at auto stores(these break less than removing with screwdriver).the cover says "power steering fluid" on it. This extends from the front to back of the engine compartment. Once removed you will see the "L" valve in the front of the compartment. Simply remove the cap and attach the freon recharge can/hose and follow the directions. I recomend getting one with a built in gauge. More expensive,but very easy to use. Back to nice and frosty. Difficulty level 2/10 Photos to follow.
  3. Gx 470 2006 This problem has been getting worse.if i crank it with the key it wont turn over.sometimes with several attempts and depressing gas pedal.turnsover first time with starter. They replaced the battery a few years back and it did wwork better. How could a bad battery be the cause of this.i assume it draws the same juice with either start. Ideas?
  4. This has been becoming more frequent.used to not start with ignition in cold damp weather.happens all the time now.starts right away with the second try.cleaned the injectors.use premium.thoughts?
  5. Pressure was good and it was way bouncy.I have two of these models and could by no means reproduce itinerary the other.
  6. Recently,my 2006 suddenly developed extreme bounce and tail end drop.a sensor was replaced,but it still feels like it has a little bounce and the tail end remain low. Thoughts?could air just have put in the shocks as a pseuo fix?
  7. This light went on after snow tires were added.is there a reset? It went on in my other 2006 after a sensor stem broke and got switched out with a regular stem.can regular tire guys replace these if I get the part?
  8. can someone recommend a diagnostic scanner for a gx?the more info the better. Where would this connect in a 2006?
  9. Is there a diagnostic tool for this?both sensors appear well attached.have checked all of the wiper settings.any other thoughts before taking them into the dealer?
  10. Thanks .do you know where the sensor is located on the windshield ? Is it in front of the rear view?
  11. Could you tell me if the toggle s/w for the rain sensor is in Auto Mode. Also sometimes if the sensor which is stuck to the windscreen, there is a tape which holds it together P/n 89944-50010, costs 10 bucks i assume, so maybe the glue is weak have them replaced, it works. Where is the toggle switch located?
  12. I have 2 ,2006s.in both,this feature no longer works.just low and high. Easy fix? Common problem?
  13. Are these included with the vehicle.If so,where can they be found?
  14. new software allows for BT headsets. anyone linked into the console BT using these? I would upgrade to the 2nd gen if it worked.