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  1. Thanks for your response. I had a local car electronics shop do the installation so I'm not sure how they are powered.
  2. I had HID headlights installed on my 2005 GX 4 yrs ago and one of the ballasts appears to be failing (the headlight recently started to work only some of the time). My question is, what is the typical life of the HID ballasts? Does anyone have a brand preference for longevity or other performance differences? Thanks, Jeff
  3. I have a 2005 GX 470 (with the tow package) and am buying a 16' trailer with electric brakes. In the owner's manual it appears that the SUV is pre-wired (?) for electric brakes and it makes reference to a place under the dash where an electric brake controller might be connected (or can be connected). Has anyone set up their GX to work with electric trailer brakes? If so, what's involved in setting this up, how well does it work and what does this cost? Thanks, Jeff
  4. I want to install a rear facing child seat on the left or right side of the middle row seat. However, when I install the seat rear facing, the seat seems to easily flip backwards (ex. if I was rear ended, the child seat would flip backwards into the seat back). I looked for lower anchors on the car that would prevent this from happening. Has anyone found these on their GX or had them installed? Thanks, Jeff
  5. I'm considering buying either an LX 470 or a Toyota Landcruiser (2005 or 2006 on both models). Can anyone tell me what the difference is (i.e. what do I get with an LX that I can't get with a Landcruiser)? Thanks, Jeff
  6. Tom- Thanks for the tip. Their products look great. I would love to know what you think once it is installed. Jeff
  7. I have the GX 470 with the DVD/Mark Levinson system and wanted to connect an Apple IPOD. Does anyone know if the GX 470 can control an IPOD through the touch screen or if an IPOD converter is available? I do not want to use an FM Modulator...