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  1. It's been a while, but I remember it being right down by the flywheel on the front of the block on a bracket, pointing at the flywheel. Mine's a '95. Why? seems like an odd question to ask without any background information.... What does "looks untouched" mean, or refer to? THE TROUBLE CODE IS "obd II code P0336" crankshaft position sensor.... or wiring problem I dont know and cant find out if the timing belt/wpump has been replaced... 170k miles. to me, the front of the engine is where the water pump would be and the back would be next to the transmission. I thought the flywheel connected to the torque converter... ? right or wrong?? . My apologies, it's been a long day, you are absolutely correct. I meant to say the pulley for the timing belt (on the crank, at the front of the engine). I have heard (no personal experience) that the electrical connector will sometimes come loose from the crank position sensor, which will certainly indicate a bad sensor. My '95 now has about 330K on it and I've never had any problems with the C/P/S.
  2. It's been a while, but I remember it being right down by the flywheel on the front of the block on a bracket, pointing at the flywheel. Mine's a '95. Why? seems like an odd question to ask without any background information.... What does "looks untouched" mean, or refer to?
  3. Siezed caliper. (Left side) siezed caliper........Pulls to the right
  4. Copy & Paste or Sticky, Copy & Paste or Sticky................... :whistles:
  5. Clean your power steering rack SOLENOID FILTER and flush your P/S fluid. Do a search, there is about 8 encyclopedia's worth of information scattered around this website. Start here, have fun........... Rack Solenoid No, your problem won't go away until you do this maintenance. sticky would be nice..........Sigh........
  6. Edgar; Gates are incorrect and they have been that way since I can remember. In the second half of '95, Lexus increased the compression ratio slightly and for certain, the 1UZFE's that had the compression increase ARE INTERFERENCE engines. I am not completely certain about the first half of '95 engines, but I strongly believe they are interference as well. Unfortunately, Lexus didn't change the Engine model number to indicate a change from non-interference (maybe) to Interference (Definitely). I've also talked to a couple of Stealers about this and they are selectively dumb as a post. My strong suggestion is to definitely keep on top of the timing belt maintenance intervals.
  7. Bob, Glad everything worked out for you! Brett So I'm up to 170K + now and not a single (non-maintenance) repair, except some truly minor stuff that the dealer took care of under the cpo warranty! I guess that's more par for the course here than "news" B) Even the maintenance has been ridiculously minor. The dealer changed the water pump at 99k because it was leaking (wink wink!) and swapped the timing belt for just the $50 cost of the belt while he was in there. He also replaced a few front end parts to tighten up the front end a bit. All I've done out of pocket has been: Tires (2 sets), front brakes, oil (synthetic every 5k) and wiper blades! May be the cheapest car I've ever owned! Bob I'm notoriously b*tchy when it comes to stealers, but if they replaced all that gear for you @ "99K", you got a real steal. My hat's off to them and you. Conversely, methinks your starter is on it's last legs.......about $1K to fix. Question is, where do you want the car to be when replacement becomes necessary; on the side of the road or in the shop, not having been towed there(?......)
  8. j; There must be an echo in here..............You read my thought from about a month ago........ Since Nitrogen is an inert gas, I can't imagine that it does anything more than take up space......literally. I used to always stop at the same Shell station on my treks up to Vancouver, so I'd "enjoy" the "benefit" of all the new Shell ads. Can't say that any of them in the last three years have appeared to be anything other than dopey.........including "Nitrogen".........sheesh.
  9. Hate to say it, but ... time to check the rack. Likely the solenoid is plugged. You'll have to clean or replace. Nahhhh.......That'd be too easy........That CAN'T be it.......
  10. By the way guys, if I buy a second remote master, it will have it's own unique code (I assume.....). If this is the case, can the car ('04 LS430) be set up so that the seat pre-sets go to position 1 for one key and position 2 for the second key when one of them is used to remotely unlock the car?
  11. I was being facetious.........grinding the old Seattle (Lexus Stealer) axe......
  12. Of the 2 Lexus dealers in the area, one wanted $96 and the other wanted $126. You aren't referring to the greater Seattle area, are you?..............
  13. Yes, the button is well hidden. Look almost directly above the gas pedal.........way up under. The manual would have you believe the button is about knee level on the bottom of the dash.....not even close.
  14. Not bad, not bad....... Sure, give it a try. If it doesn't work, you're not out much........but it sounds like it will. Let us know how it comes out.
  15. Yeah, understood........BUT........I had the same problem on my '95 and a new (Genuine) gasket fixed the problem. If I knew how the water got into the spare well from leaks from the gasket, I've forgotten. But yes, I had water in the spare well. No body damage anywhere, no seam leaks. I seem to remember the gasket was about $90 (maybe more) from the stealer. The 3M goo wasn't cheap either, but what of 3M's is competitively priced?