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  1. Hey Vic, Just wanted to know if you would be interested in selling your 17 inch rims. Please get back to me when you get a chance. Thanks
  2. What’s up everyone. I'm in the market for some spark plugs. I'm reading that by using the NGK Iridium spark plugs you gain from 5-10 horsepower? The other thing that I’m wondering is are these safe for the car?? The Dealer is charging 13 dollars per plug, that’s 104 dollars (because I have the GS400) plus tax for plugs that are the stock platinum spark plugs. I see the NGK and Denso plugs for about 80 dollars. Anyone with the Iridium Plugs or info please let me know. Thanks
  3. Whats up everyone, Just wondering if anyone has the stock 17inch Chrome Rims that come on the 98-00 GS's and would like to sell them. It would also be a great help if anyone could point me in the right direction to getting some of these. Thanks
  4. HI there I am currently in the market to get some of these lights. From what I hear they are real easy to change and only take a few minutes to change. The wires that are currently on your GS will reach the holes on the new light but you usually get bulbs and wires when you buy a set and only have to unclip and clip on the new harness. You can go to Copy and paste to your address bar, scroll down the page about 3 quarters the way. They are selling them for $380.00 with $40 dollars shipping. You know what goes real good with those tail lights? The chrome
  5. Hello, I think an OK option for you is to take the car to a detal shop, let them inspect and they should let you know how good they think they can get it.
  6. Hi there, I was also considering changing the fuel filter. I called the Lexus dealer to price and check availability and was informed by a service tech that you have to drop the fuel tank to change the fuel filter. He said it never gets changed or more along the lines it’s not necessary.
  7. You ain’t lying, my 99 GS400 Chirps in second too. You gotta love that.
  8. Hello all, Just wanted to thank everyone for their input on my rotors. It was a toss up between stock rotors all around or drilled and slotted all around . I went with the drilled and slotted and could not be happier, considering the stock would have run me about 750 dollars without install (drilled and slotted 400 dollars with install). My new thing is the headlights. I would like to get my daytime and inner lights that run with the Xeons on my 99 GS400 to look alike as much as possible. Today I stopped at the local car enthusiasts shop and tried the PIAA ultra blue lights on the daytime run
  9. Sorry to hear you problems finding a GS. The easiest way I believe to get one at a great price is to ask around for a dealer that takes people to dealer auctions. I brought my 99 GS400 for 15 grand. I gave the dealer 500 and paid like a 300-dollar auction fee. Granted my GS has over a hundred thousand miles but I would not settle for anything but the Black on Black 400. I've been to two dealer auctions a few times in the NY tri state area and I once saw a tan on tan 99 GS300 with 80 thousand miles go for 14,500. Make sure you work it out with the dealer who takes you that he or she only gets p
  10. I just got a 99 GS400 (Motor Trend Import Car Of That Year). It's wonderful. The only problem is I cant drive it. The problem Lies with the rotors, three rotors need to be cut and one needs to be replaced. At the dealer the complete set of four will run me about $750 dollars. I have been told it's not good to cut the rotors (considering cutting three and replacing one) because it will ware down the brakes fast in the future. I was considering after market rotors but not sure. I was also considering the drilled and slotted rotors which go for about $300 dollars. I'm leaning toward the drilled a
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