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  1. There are more "myths" about the ethanol fuel than about the Loch Ness monster, it seems... Solvent? Can you please explain what you mean? Gasoline is no less agressive than ethanol. Have you tried filling one of those flims disposable drinking cups with gasoline. It will quickly dissolve and "melt". Try to do the same but using ethanol, and the cup will be fine... They have different properties, but you can't really say that ethanol is more "aggressive". And that article is not correct. "Retains water"? They seem not to understand even basic chemistry. Gasoline in non-polar, water is p
  2. Brilliant! :D Thank you very much. This forum is great... /Alexander from Sweden
  3. My -95 LS 400 is missing it's original flashlight and towel. By the way - I did not even know there should be a towel until I searched this forum for the flashlight info! I have asked the lexus dealer (who probably thinks I am a bit of a nut ordering those parts for such an old car) about the flashlight but they can't find it in the spare part catalogue. Does anyone here know what part numbers these items have? /Alexander from Sweden
  4. Very interesting reading. I have a -95 LS 400 with the problems discussed here, and I am considering a full rebuild of mounts, bushings and drive shaft (propeller shaft). However, spare part prices for the LS are INSANE in Sweden. Drive shaft, new - not rebuilt, is over $3000! Engine mounts are $300/each. Rear engine/tranny mount is a "mere" $120. After that I was too shocked to ask for prices for the chassi parts. : Even if I do ALL the work myself, the parts alone would be a hefty $4500 or so. There are virtually no "non genuine" / "after market" parts for the -95 LS, which is ra
  5. wwest, your opinions on FWD/RWD tires for winter use are not only wrong, they are also virtually impossible to find arguments FOR? Take a look at the motor sports for instance, rally - where ALL drivers ALWAYS use studded tires on icey roads, european motor cycle ice track racing drivers or ice track car racing: all run on studded tires. They are free to run studded or studless tires. (Or summer tires, should anyone be that stupid...) I do not know if your American car mags ever TEST tires, using controlled test conditions to measure how tires perform, but in Sweden (and Germany) we have ple
  6. I have to disagree with you jainla. Well, or perhaps not? ;) When Toyota built a plant in UK to produce the Carina E for Europe, it was because of labor skill, that is for sure... :whistles: The main factor is TAX, I'd say! USA - just like other countries - have import tax. It can often be a good deal for car manufacturers to open a plant in big export markets. Eh, not so. That is however to some extent true if you look at the European cars sold in the US. But the BIG manufacturers in Europe; FIAT, Renault, VW... Craftsmanship. No way. Mass production at lowest possible cost. Yes.
  7. The southern parts of Sweden are some of the harshest climates for cars. A lot of humidity, massive use of salt in the winter and long periods of temperatures around 0 degrees Celsius (melting point of snow/water). Many brands have additional rust protection coating just for scandinavian countries, and most cars are still ending up in the junk yard B/C rust. My LS is from -95 and has some rust on it, too. Rear sub frame for suspension is all rusty, anf you can chop off flakes that are 1/2" diameter and 1/10" thick. The floor pan/underbody has SOME minor spots, which I will fix this winter,
  8. Hi drmeff! I have one like your this (almost - mine has air suspension too), and I am very satisfied with mine. (And I am picky!) Everything just works, and it is quite acceptable in fuel consumption too. Maintain one of these properly, drive it in a relaxed way, and you will have comfortable transportation for a very long time. Just make sure the rust does not invade it! The only minor complaints would be corrosion protection, Lexus spare parts prices in Sweden (ouch) and winter use. (Which is important to you too.) In this case, I do not really care what you US fellas think about these
  9. Thanks for your reply! I am well aware of the issue, and I read several threads that popped up when I searched. However, I did not find any facts on the actual lifting capacity. For several reasons, I prefer shopping locally (instead of E-bay), and the references to Pontiac hatchback, Mustang etc are of little use. The brand I have selected is Stabilus, which makes OE struts for many german cars. They have an exact replacement for the LS - not an inch shorter or whatever! I just have to pick the right stiffness. It seems I will go for a pretty hard one, then! /Alexander
  10. Service for US LS 460 in Europe? Upgrade of nav system / European maps? Well, I can check with the Lexus dealer next time I get there (which could be in this week). /Alexander from Sweden
  11. Please bear with me... :whistles: We all know that the LS struts are prone to failure, which is ok. The replacement part price at the dealer is however not OK... :cries: You people in US have quite alot of alternative providers, it seems. There are alternatives in Sweden too, but I need to know what force/capacity I need if I order aftermarket ones. The LS is rare here, so they have no data to go on. I checked my current struts on the bathroom scale, and came up with the following result: Left strut just starting to compress, 27 kgs / 60 lbs. Almost fully compressed 32 kgs / 72 l
  12. Let us know how it turns out... Slightly OT, but perhaps not: When I was working at Mercedes, we had a customer with an almost new (couple of 1000 km) AMG version of the C-class. (A C32 AMG, 354 hp.) For some reason, he was cheap enough not to buy a second set of rims for the winter tires, so we had to take new summer ones off the rims and put the new winter ones on. The car was almost brand new, and so where the rims. As I gently wiped the rim surface for the balancing weight clean, using our normal product for this (for ALL rims), the AMG silver paint just faded. This was on the area th
  13. Thanks for the help guys! Sorry for not coming back earlier, but I have not been here in a long time, actually. The "stickyness" has reduced noticably since then, and now only the streaks (which are in no way severe) remain. I will try the recommended gentle soap treatment. By the way, the official Lexus dealers in Sweden do not carry the genuine Lexus detailing products! I guess I will order the whole bucket kit from Sewells... /Alexander from Sweden
  14. This is a question I could not find any answer to, using the search engine. I need to replace the lowest l+r parts of the front spoiler. It seems like these will not come off unless I remove the whole front bumper. Is that correct? My Lexus shop stated it will take them an hour at least, if they do it when I have the normal 10 000km maintenance. Is that a reasonable time? Any help is appreciated... /Alexander from Sweden edit: spelling
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