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  1. Done! The CDs are out! The faceplate popped off very easily & component removal was a cinch - just 4 screws to unscrew and 3 cables to disconnect. Once I had the unit out the challenge was to pop the stuck CDs. Basically, I had to remove the outer plates to get at the changer. Then I used a flathead screwdriver to easily push the CDs out from the back. The CDs floated through the font slot and reassembly and reinstallation was a breeze! My next step - never use the Nakamichi CD changer again! I bought an Apple ipod and am now happily playing all my tunes through the stereo system via the ipod's FM broadcasting accessory. Good luck! -b :D ------------------------- ←
  2. Hi again Everyone, I discovered how to remove the Nakamichi CD player from the dash: Although it cost $2.99 it was well worth it! Now that I have the CD player out, I'll see if I can get the CDs out or take it to a shop. At least I saved some labor $ by removing the changer myself! -b ---------------
  3. Hi Rob! Thank you for your reply! I just visited their web site and called crutchfield. They said that they don't have the instructions for the 1999 LX470 :( Any other suggestions would also be welcomed! Sincerely, Bill
  4. Hello Binh & Tuan, I too have the same problems w/CDs stuck in the CD changer. Did either of you get the problem solved? Thx, Bill Binh, did you get your problem solved? I have the same problem. Any help would be appreciated. The CD player s**ks. I have this problem with the first year. I told the dealer about it, but they said it's not a problem. Eventually, it got worst. tuan ←
  5. 10/25/05 Hi Everyone! I own a 1999 LX470 & I have 3 CDs stuck in my Nakamichi CD player - how do I get them out? Or, how do I get the CD player out so I can maybe replace it? I don't want to damage the faceplate without knowing how to do it right 8^) The dealer wants to charge me $800 to replace the player/changer and they'll also have to send it back to Lexus in order to get the CDs out! They said they'll split the cost but I'm pretty ticked because this will be the 5th time in 6 years that we've had to replace the Nakamichi for the SAME problem! Hmmm, the Nakamichi isn't quite a "premium sound system" or at least not in my case!!! Thank you for your help!!!! Bill