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  1. It is and has been throughout this belt cycle just a daily driver to and from work for me, basically 20 miles a day and a little running around on the weekends. Hardly ever with passengers, and pretty sedate driving patterns.
  2. Timing belt is at its 90k maintenance time, overall the car has 270k now. I am planning to keep the car for 30,000 more miles (4 years) at which time it will have resale of basically -0-. Trying to decide on the gamble of not replacing. Wouldn't be the end of the world if the gamble failed and I had to buy its replacement earlier than I want to. Your advice on pushing the life of a timing belt?
  3. My battery ran down, so I recharged it with a portable unit. Then the "Check VSC" indicator light came on the display and another items says "VSC Off". What is this and how do I clear it? Cannot see the item in the owners manual (well I did not actually look but I asked my wife to look it up and she could not find it listed--she also reads all my directions for putting things together! :) )
  4. I have one off my 97, I put one of the $100 ones on mine, this is brown leather, no tears, $25 mailed to you in the USA 48. Thanks for that kind offer Billy. I think I will look a bit more to try and stay "original" but if that doesn't work I will come back.
  5. HAHAHA :D If only it were that easy. It is farly complecated to swap the knobs. You have the O/D switch and wires to mess with too. It took me 5 minutes to swap shift knobs in an 85 Chevy S10 I looked at the one in my LS and said NO WAY. your confused KF, there is no OD switch on the later models, you just unscrew it.... thats all. Thanks for that, I was not really thinking it would be more than unscrew so glad to know that is the case.
  6. I did something stupid and broke off the wood veneer on the gear shifter knob of my 98 LS400 (See pic attached). Everything on parts sites is $110+. Seems like someone may have access to one in good shape for much less??
  7. Rubbing with the McGuires wipes seemed to remove the finish of the leather leaving it looking worse than just dirty. Hard to describe but seemed like the dye was SLIGHTLY removed and the finish was rougher.
  8. I used McGuires Leather Cleaner wipes to clean the armrest and was very diappointed. Cleaned well but also removed some of the finish (or color?) of the leather. My mistake for trusting without testing but I want something that will not repeat that problem and saw Lexol noted. What is your experience with that product, does it also remove the color along with the dirt?
  9. Well I did decide to order the OEM pads and it worked out pretty well. I do wish I had picked up the OEM Brake Queit (just bought Autozone's goopy stuff). Am noting a small squal when backing out of the garage but not when rolling to a stop going forward. Was kind of fun to do the work myself but was glad to have a friend to coach me--first timer.
  10. Thanks a lot Tex. Embarrased I didn't I think of that! I mostly just need to remember to check more often, I go months without thinking about it and then when I do I haven't seen options.
  11. I am having trouble finding the chrome center cap for my wheel 16" chrome wheel (the 10 slot wheel that was on the 97 LS400). The "L" logo fell off. I guess the cheapest would be to just locate the gold logo and glue it on! No luck with eBay or the standard wheel cover google search. The cap is 7 inches in diameter and the Lexus logo is 2-1/2 inches. Any suggestions?
  12. Need to replace front brake pads and just need to know whether Autozon's lifetime guarentee Duralast Gold pads are just fine or do I need to double the cost and go with Lexus brake pads?
  13. Thanks for the good advice. I have spent a little time this morning checking the reported leaks. The power steering lines do have fluid on them and it does not look like it is from the reservoir so that looks like it needs to be done. I checked a rebuild tutorial and it looks a bit over my head so I will probably have the pump replaced. I have an independent mech that I have only marginal confidence in and he is only $30/hr cheaper on labor so if it is only an hour job I might just have the dealer do it. Any idea on book labor hours? I called my internet parts source and he said they do not sh
  14. Thanks for that, any other advice? from others? Shoudl the valve cover gasket really to be "easy"? The LEXLS tutorial look pretty involved and a big time commitment, I think it said more than 8 hours. Agree?
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