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  1. hello my friends- because most of you are pretty knowlegeable when it comes to engine maintenance, i would like to ask some questions in that regard. how often should spark plugs get replaced on a 2000 GS400? and is there a more robust after market spark plugs that i should consider? thanks in advance socalgs4
  2. Hello GS enthusiasts First and foremost, the helpful notes/inputs are very much appreciated. Thanks much. I successfully picked up the car and am extremely stoked with it. The 2 day drive back to socal was a smooth run especially at 135mph top speed. This is a fabulous car, not to mention the robust power plant. One query though... Nearly flawless, silver on black 2000 GS400 with just under 31k miles (at purchase), nakamichi audio, cd changer, rear spoiler. I paid $28.5 - Did I get a sweet deal? Lastly, I'm looking for a set of stock/optional 17" alloy wheels (unchromed), to buy. With tires is a bonus. Thanks, paolo
  3. thanks for the info would you happen to know the size (16" or 17")?
  4. attached is an image of a GS 400 2k model. are those rims factory stock on this model? i'm totally baffled with these rims because i've never actually seen 'em on a GS. please enlighten me.
  5. how can you visually differentiate the gS400 2k model from the 98 model (unmodified) ? thanks
  6. I just purchased a pre-owned 2000 GS 400 with 30k miles. However, I have yet to see the car. I'm flying half way across the country in two days to claim the vehicle and projecting a long road trip back to california(1800+/- miles). I particularly envision a swift ride home in this GS400 only because I had a smooth test drive experience at a local dealership in a car comparable to what I bought. Hence, any type of input (based on experience) that you could share would be essential for my upcoming journey and for the most part, the unimaginable big picture. This car is replacing a 740i BMW that is currently in the shop(and soon will be sold). I wait impatiently to handle and manipulate this reportedly agile piece of machinery, the GS400. Thanks loads in advance- socalgs4
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