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  1. Well after sitting down and comparing the GX vs the LR3......we Choose the GX470 and baught it today!!! We got a 20006 Black with light color interior and is just loaded. It even has Lexus Link, which we really didnt care to have, but they told us all the new ones are coming with it now. Was debating until the last minute weather to git it in Silver or Black, but the black just looked too good to pass up. I know it may be a pain to keep clean, but with the unlimited free Car Washes the dealership provides, makes it a little bit more easier to own a black GX. We got a pretty good deal on it. We paid $50,700 and the MSRP was $57,931. This came out to $1000 over invoice price. This includeds everying except for tax title and license. We have all the options you can get with the GX, I love the KDSS, makes the ride a lot more sportier and the handling a lot more crip for a SUV. There is so much to read to learn how to use everything and I will be doing that on our next road trip for Thanksgiving.
  2. Well my wife and I are about to buy a new SUV. We were pretty sure we were going to buy a GX470, until we drove the LR3 Saturday. If we were to buy a LR3 , we would get the HSE with all options, MSRP is around 56K and they are willing to take of $1500 of MSRP to get our business. So now we are in a dilema, we really liked the LR3 for its looks, the space inside, the moonroofs and the things it can do. The GX470 is far more luxurious and a better historical reliability track record, than the LR3. Does anyone here wish they had baught a LR3 instead? I know that can be a biased question on a Lexus forum, but I am hopeing for an honest answer. So if you had to do it all over again would you get a LR3 or GX470 and why? I also posted this question on the LR3 forum to see what their response is going to be. Also, I posted a month ago about help on getting a price for a GX470 with KDSS, I can get one for $1000 over invoice, so thanks to all those that helped with thier advice. Thanks in advance for your opinions.
  3. I got a couple of quotes from dealers. They are willing to give me Invoice price on any 05 and 1500 + Invoice on the 06. I am still holding out for Invoice on the 06. But in the mean time I have been test driving other SUV's. I test drove the Range Rover HSE 2004- it looks awesome on the outside, the inside is ok, but for the money it could have a much better Navigation system. Also, if you ever think of buying an Range Rover, test drive it on the highway, the wind noise and the noise from the engine and muffler is unbareable. I dont know how people can stand to drive them on the Highway, sounds terribly annoying when the radio is not on. But the plus size to driving the Range Rover, you feel like a celebrity driving it, cause you really have to have a lot of money to waste to buy this vehicle if you do not take it off road. I also test drove an 05 BMW X5 4.4- looks nice, but the dashboard is terrible looking, its the same as my 1985 BMW 318i, I used to own in high school. Drives like a nice sports car for an SUV, trunk space is real small, bet I could not put two sets of golf clubs back there without folding the seats down. I test drove a 4-runner, MDX and the Volvo X-90 with the V8 last week, none of them can compare to a GX470. So I am still stuck on the GX470, you get everything you can ask for in a SUV, except for gas mileage. I will probably give the new ML a drive next week. There is not much anything left to test after that, hopefully the Lexus dealers will cooperate and let me have my 06 GX470 at invoice price soon, so I can be a part of the satisfied owners in this forum.
  4. I almost baught a MDX last week, the deal was great, loaded MDX for $37,800, but after I test drove the GX470, I could not even imagine owning a MDX. I was thinking about the new Range Rover, but for the money and the possible electical problems it still has, I could not risk spending 70K on a truck that still has issues. My only concern with buying a GX470 is the possible clunk problem. I hope they took care of it and are willing to fix it in the future. You guys have been real helpful. I am definatly going to stick to my guns and wait for an internet manager to offer me $50k or below on an 06. I know they are still going to make money off the sale. So whichever Internet manager accepts my offer, I will be a new owner of GX470. Thanks again, Kasfin
  5. I am looking to buy a 2006 GX470, went to the dealership today and fell in love with it. I am going to buy it with all the options, the MSRP is close to 57K. I was going to offer 49K + TTL, but I wanted to do a little bit of research before I made my offer. I know they still have the 05's, but I am pretty adament about getting my offer for the GX470, because I am in no hurry to buy it, I just want it before the Chicago Winter starts. Am I offering too low? What is considered a good deal (I know what a good deal means, anything you paid for and happy to pay for it). I have heard, the Lexus dealers really dont take a lot off of MSRP and good dealers I should go to in the Chicago area? I live near Highland Park and was at the Highland Park dealership, is this a good dealership to go to? Has anyone had issues with this place or praise? Or do you recomend another dealership? I know this is a lot of questions, but I would appreciate all input, weather positive or negative. Thanks in advance! Kasfin