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  1. LED Headlights

  2. Engine Swap

    what about replace it with a 3mz-fe? I dont know if it will be necessary to upgrade to 5-speed and how it will fit... If anybody knows if it is possible, could be interesting to have opinions. Happy New Year!
  3. LED Headlights

    Hello Gabriel, Nice to read your post. I have been trying different choices to improve night driving but I never was satisfied with HID and when using LEDS I have problems to fit it in the narrow space behind headlights (low beam driver side). Which LEDS did you buy? where did you get it? Thanks in advance, Happy New Year!
  4. Hi everyone, I have a project to start, just to know if it is possible. I have a RX400h without NAV screen. It has the regular multi display. I wonder if I buy a Nav Screen and if it is just "plug and play" or if I have much other work to do. Anybody had try this? Thanks in advance,
  5. Off Road RX300

  6. Knock sensors experience

    Welcome to the club. It is true that are a lot of problems about the car in the forums, but normally nobody writes to say that all os perfect! Good thing about it, you can find all solutions on the forums. My experience after several cars and many miles, is that the only one that I keep in my garage is the RX. Now I also own a Volvo XC60 and I always get the Lexus for long trips, so guess why. About the knock sensors, replace both at the same time, even you have a message for one. If you do it yourself it is just a matter of time and patience. I also suggest to replace (if it was not done before) the lid cam cover gaskets. Specailly the rear one that suffers more as has more heat. Don't forget to change the spark plush, rear set is a headache but once you start is better to do all at the same time. So far I am very happy with the car. 168.000 miles, cruising at 90 MPH, doing off road as well and still solid.
  7. Oil leak

    Replacing the pads I discover this leak. Ill appreciate suggestions. I'm using a liter of oil every 3.000 miles. Shall I solve the problem considering the fix cost or just keep filling oil?
  8. Last update and problem solved. After installing the clips above, problem is gone.
  9. how to disconnect VSC and TRC

    Hi Trevor, Switch is only present in the FWD model. I guess the only way is to disconnect something, somewhere... Thanks
  10. I have a RX300 2001 AWD. I need help to know how to disconnect the VSC and TRC systems. While driving off road, sand and snow, is better to turn it off. I read somewhere that the only ay is to take off the relay of fuse. Anybody has any other idea?
  11. Ok, finally I know from where this noise comes. It is recommended by Lexus to replace the brakes pads clips at the same time pads are changed. Almost anybody does it, even Lexus dealers. So after she pads changes, these clips does not longer keep the pad on place, making the rattle sound on bad roads. Replacing the clips is the solution. Part number for a 2001 RX300 is 0494733120 Hope is the same for you
  12. locking central diff

    Anybody knows if it possible to lock center diff?
  13. I have the same problem, in my case while rattling if I slightly press the brakes the noise disappear. I believe is something related with the pads, but I don't know what. Maybe we are lucky and someone else give us a clue.
  14. Which struts for 2000 Lexus RX 300

    I changed mines with the KYB's. I am really satisfied. Comfort as always and much better ride and control.
  15. seat heater connections

    In my RX300 I did not have from factory the seat heater, as it was bought in very hot area. Now that I live in a colder area, I miss this feature, so I tried to connect the seat to the electrical system. My model has the switcher connectors, so I bought the switch and the relay under the glove box. With all connected the smiths work well and get power, turning in the lights when choosing low heat and high heat. Until now all looks "working". But the seat does not heat. So I guess I am loosing something. I know from my Lexus dealer that in my model I have heated seats from factory, so I guess that they just did not install the wires. Looking under the seat I see a connector that is missing the the wiring. It is in both seats, it is a three pins connector. I guess is the one to give power to the heaters. Now is the question, ideas to connect the seats? Where it could be the wire? If I had it to the console switchers and to the relay, where is the seat connector? Anyone dod this job before and can help me? Thanks very much,