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  1. Just wondering if any ones wants or has 99' GS400 Stock Rims For Sale, 17" Please let me know Thanks B)
  2. well for one thing you already have irdium plugs in your car, gs400 are stocked with that. the gs300 are stock with platium. i know this cuz i changed this my self. and it also states that in the manual... thanks
  3. is your stering wheel crooked? if it is your chasey is expanded.
  4. i am in the same boad you are in, you and only make the strut bar for the 2nd gen gs300 so be prepaired to spend 300 dollars or more for one. hope this helps
  5. can you use a irdium spark plug on a gs 300? the stock ones are platium but what if i go with a denzo irdium plug? will this mess up my engine? or just make it betrter
  6. to do that you will have to take the back seat off and the side pannels in the rear to, it takes about 25 min to do it and 25 min to put it back on. but it is not worth just changing out the sub, the stock amp does not push it. i tried it, then just when with a aftermarket amp and 2 12" subs. good luck
  7. i add 2 12" subs to my car and my alternator blew, so be prepaired to send some extra money if you start mess around with the sound system
  8. i also have a 00 gs300 (same thing) i have a TRD dropin filter and i can feel alittle more horses there but not that much, it not a bad deal for 70 us dollars and you wont have to change your filter agian for another 5 years. ;)
  9. i beleave your stock tires are 225/65/16, if you like them then i would suggest sto stay with them but make them a little widder. like 235 or 245 but keep the same profile and inches.
  10. ya it is a good upgrade but it's like 400 bucks. i rather spend that for something productive.... thanks
  11. I have 2 12" subs in my trunk and there is major rattling in there. Has anyone installed dynomat or raamat in the lexus trunk? is it easy, does it work? Please let me know
  12. i just did the same thing, what i have is 245/35/20 in the front and 275/35/20 in the rear, even with the 1" drop its ok.
  13. i just sold mine for 300 on ebay, the starting bid was 100. so its kinda worth the money. good luck
  14. any one that tells you that it does not matter what fuel of octaine is a complete jerk off, its plain and simple the better octaine the better proformance, dont every go lower, your car will feel sluggish,
  15. it looks like paint, but i cant see it beaning a cover for the engine, just wonding what kinda paint it is?
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