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  1. The family has grown since and the seats are no longer for sale. I would recommend checking for a local dismantler to save on shipping.
  3. You need to replace the shocks, rear springs and front torsion bars. The mounts are the same. The AHC shock has a hydraulic line connected to it which will need to be plugged or you can remove the AHC components. You will also need to disconnect the power to the AHC. You could buy the T-bars and springs for nearly nothing (or free) from an LC owner who has changed their suspension to something heavier duty. If you tend to carry more weight, consider going to Old Man Emu suspension.
  4. The AHC suspension can be an issue and expensive to fix. The common problems are the 4 accumulators and the sensors. But don't be too afraid, the suspension can be swapped out to conventional Land Cruiser suspension. I recommend getting the 03 over the 02 just for the 5 speed.
  5. You're an idiot! Stop the spam. etc...
  6. I have 35" Toyo MT tires. When I say change gear ratio, I'm talking about the front and rear differentials. Any good differential shop can do it. Not cheap though.
  7. Glenn, this is what you need. I actually don't need correction on mine. I increased the diameter of my tires by 4" but also changed my gearing from 4.3 to 4.88 and the speedometer is dead on according to my GPS.
  8. The OP's vehicle IS within spec/tolerance and yes, it would be difficult even with today's technology to get the speedo dead accurate without using a GPS. Unless your tires always have the same pressure which means its always the same temperature, you travel at only one speed and the rubber on your tires never wear down, it is nearly impossible. Tires even change diameter at different speeds. Yes, it SHOULD be as simple "plug into computer and press a few buttons" thing for the dealer to do but unfortunately it is not for the LX470. If anybody can prove otherwise, I'd surely be grateful to
  9. Search for "Speedometer calibrator" and you'll find several choices from $80-200. They are devices that modify the electronic signal from the transmission to recalibrate the speedometer (and ECU). Very popular in the off-road world.
  10. Yeah? how the heck did you figure that one out?
  11. Have you since changed the fluid back to the correct fluid, Toyota Type T-IV? That would be the logical thing to do. There was a bad batch of transmissions, 2000 model year included. May or may not be related to what you are seeing.
  12. Wow, tough choice. It would cost roughly $3k to fit ARB lockers to the Silver one and they work better than OEM. The silver one will also likely need a birfield job at the tune of $1k. If you do plan on wheeling it, it might hurt too much to damage an 8k mile vehicle. If you pass on the 8k LX, let me know where it is. I might know somebody interested in it.
  13. Well, from one BMW owner to another, you are definitely going to need that extra support with the BMW :)
  14. Driveline clunk is common in these SUV's. The most likely fix is to remove the rear driveshaft, take it apart and lube the slip yoke. There is a zirk fitting on the outside but it doesn't lube the slip yoke. Also clean the excess grease inside and of course lube all the U-joints while down there.
  15. I know somebody with a 2000 Smokey Topaz Mica and Lexus just repainted recently. He, however, was the first owner.
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