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  1. I have a 2002 also. I just mentioned to my wife yesterday that I was surprised that this vehicle didn't have the "auto"locks. Even her cheapy Caravan had auto locks. I like that feature, but I do not remember seeing anything in the manual.
  2. What year LX do you have? Did you buy the DVD bypass module from e-bay? Where did you tap into to get a video out signal? CTapia ← No ,I did not buy a "module". The "module" is an empty black box. Somewhere on this thread , you will find the instructions on "How to by-pass' the ground for the emergency brake. Also, in the same information , you will find instructions on which wire is the 'video"output wire. I haven't "tested" the new lead . I'm still trying to find a flip-down screen. By the way , it is a 2002, LX470. Good luck, it works great. And the instructions are right on the money.
  3. Thanks........ Doesn't pertain to me. It's a 2002 model.
  4. Does every LX have the phone capabilty?I don't remeber reading anything about the phone stuff. Am I missing something other than the obvious? <_<
  5. Awesome !! It took me only 30 minutes ..start to finish. Went for "test" drive while watching Shrek 2. Outstanding web site. I even hooked up a video lead for future flip-down screen. Any ideas of where to get screen and how to install?