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  1. Thanks again.. your right.. this forum is great to get information. i have since figured out that it only stalls when the engine is heating up. When i first turn on the car it idles above 1000 RPMs the engine start to warn up it drops down under 1000.... that when it starts to stall... once she warms up all the way she is fine... so i guess a hose is off ... or clogged. thanks for the tutorial.. i will check that out and see if that is also causing a problem... thanks for all you help... Paul
  2. Steve ... This is awesome.... your the best.. thank you for all your help can i throw another question at you... ?? today i just found out another problem... i just had the rack and pinion changed cuz it was leaking fluid. When i picked up the car it stalled while idling. first time that has happened since i bought the car 6 weeks ago. Previous owner just told me he changed the timing belt within the last 2 months before i bought it. It since has stalled a number of times. My mechanics thinks that it might have jumped a tooth and the timing for the cams is off. Do you think this is the pro
  3. Thank you for the info... where do they have the tutorials? also do you know if that switch has a part number?? or where i could get it?
  4. Hi all i have seen this post before but have not seen the fix. I know that the cable assembly that connects to door key mechanism is probably bad. I looked at it and it is still connected. I know sometimes they come off. So i supect that the cable harness is bad. I can not find out where online to get another one. None of the places that sell Lexus parts has this listed Can anyone tell me where is can get the replacement cable for this? Thanks for all your help PS.. just noticed Alarm is spelled wrong in title... don't know how to change title.... i am sure i will take a beating for t
  5. I am having the same problems.. it would be good to know what caused this problem... missfiring and rough ilde. Was there a solution to this problem?? thanks great advice here..
  6. THNAKS!.. this is great... although $22 will only cover the cost of the cover that goes over the nozzel .. the nozzel itselt is $201 ouch!! :( but at least i know where i can get one if i need it.. at least i can get the cover and cover up the hole in the bumper.. thank you so much ..
  7. HI All my wife got into a fender bender and the head lamp washer came off... not to be found.. i want to replace it but i can not find it anywhere onlline.. the autobody shop gave me a quote of $250 for a replacement.. does anyone know where i can get an after market one? .. or better yet.. since we do not use it .... can i get just the cap ? thanks P
  8. It is also possible to have a vapor lock, air bubble, in one of the hoses to/from the heater core. that's a great idea... no i have not check the coolant level... nor the hoses.!!.. it has not been serviced for a while so i bet that could be the problem.. thanks i will let you know what happens.. thanks for the tips... great forum.. :)
  9. This seems strange.... I have an 04 RX330 with 90K miles.. this winter the heat is acting strange. There is no heat coming out of the vent when the car is not moving, even though the temp is up to MAX. In fact cool air is coming out...... I soon as i start to move hot air comes out of the vents... does not matter if i select floor vents or window defroster or vents... Any clues... ??? i have never seen this... thanks Great forum... BTW
  10. Hi All i wonder if someone can help me with my 97 ES300. I just had it tuned up cuz it was running rough esp when climbing a hill and the gas pedal pushed down to maintain speed. I would feel it buck a bit like it was missing. I figured it just needed a good tune up so i had someone change the pugs and wires, air filer, gas filter etc. It still does it... not as much but it is still there. I can feel it even at slow speeds <35mph Not so much on the highway. any ideas. Thanks Paul
  11. HI I have 2004 RX330 that is now sounds very funny when driving over 30MPH. It sounds like i have very big and aggressive truck tires on, although i don't (tires are new with 11K miles on it) and there is a little vibration in the steering wheel. I almost want to think it is the front axial? seems to stop when i hit 70MPH. Feels like some type of grinding noise. It is there when i accelerate or take my foot off the gas, so i don't think it is engine related. Could it be a front wheel bearing?? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I will be making a service call but just want to get an i
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