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  1. I'm interested in lowering my 2004 RX330. Anyone have any experience with that? What springs did you use?
  2. Like the title says I want the drivers seat from a RIGHT hand drive for an RX330. Color doesn't matter.
  3. Anyone have the TSB number? Or, better yet, can anyone post the TSB?
  4. Would you like to share how you made a hybrid disc
  5. You can go to: Once you subscribe (rates below) you can download the entire manual. It will take all day to do it because it is broken down into many smaller PDFs. There are also other manuals and TSIBs on there as well. Daily $10.00 US Monthly $50.00 US Yearly $350.00 US
  6. I got a few rock chips in the hood. The kicker is that I bought 3M Clear Guard to prevent them and I got the chips the day before it arrived.
  7. COZ


    Why buy the Nav then? I travel a lot and I paid a good amount to have the NAV. I use it all the time and to me its worth it to have up to date roads and POIs. Most importantly its worth it to me to speed $300 buck to shut my mother-in-law up who thinks she knows everything. She told me to go one way and the Nav picked another. The Nav picked the route with no traffic and got me there at least 20 minutes early. She didn't say a word in that 20 minutes. Thats priceless.
  8. The Lexus Powertrain Warranty lasts 72 months or 70,000 miles. This would cover the pinging. Take it in and get it fixed.
  9. Make sure the pressure is equal in all 4 tires. If you still have problems take it to the dealer and get it fixed under waranty.
  10. Very nice. I'm going to use this site to get TSIBs from now on; however, the sight is the only place I know of to get the shop manuals.
  11. You're right, that was rude. I was grumpy after a long day a work. I apologize.
  12. Haven't done much reading here have you?
  13. You can get all TSIBs, shop manuals as well as other references from the Lexus/Toyota Technical Information System. It is not free though, subscription access to TIS is offered in daily, monthly, or yearly intervals following the rate schedule noted below. Daily $10.00 US Monthly $50.00 US Yearly $350.00 US So for $10.00 you can spend a few hours downloading all the TSIBs for you car. If you are really ambitious you can spend a whole day downloading your shop manual in small chunks. The information you get is worth far more than $10.00 and will pay itself off rather quickly.
  14. If they are like the RX330, I took mine off with a hair dryer and tweezers. Just heat up the sticker to soften the adhesive and then use the tweezers to peel a corner back. Then you can grab it with your fingers and peel it all the way off.
  15. It looks like one of the caps that covers the end of the seat rails. Move both seat forward, get in the back seat and see if any of the caps are missing from the seat rails.
  16. Unless there is a newer TSIB it only effects certain 04s prior to a certain VIN number. Check the attachment. REAR_WIPER_IMPROVEMENT.pdf
  17. Here is final answer about the real vs fake wood trim in the RX. Its real. I had a loaner today while mine was getting serviced. The wood trim on the console was chipped down to the REAL wood! Its 1/16th layer of wood and about a 1/16th layer of a clear coating (epoxy, polyurethane or lacquer).
  18. Yep. As RX330driver said, but the only thing I don't like is no radio while in DIAG mode. I don't see much use for it though since you have a rear view mirror.
  19. Added pictures to the first post showing how to get to diagnostics screens.
  20. Yes, if you have a NAV, but you might not get all the codes. I verified this will work with Gen 2 and 3 NAVs. For other generations there may be variations of how to get to this. Try this link:
  21. There is a TSIB (BR005-04) effecting 2004 RX330's to improve the overall brake pedal feeling during cold starts, the brake booster assembly has been changed. If your VIN number is BEFORE the following VIN numbers then this TSIB appilies to you. FWD 2T2GA31U#4C015883 4WD 2T2HA31U#4C030481
  22. Depends. What year is the GX? If the are the same generation it will work. Then again if they are the same gen. then they are probably the same disk version. Also, if the GX version is not the same then it will say something to the effect of "incorrect disc" or "ureadable disc". If that happens just pur the original one back in and all is good. I tried a 4.2 version from a 5th gen RX and that is what happened. I put the original back in and all was good again. If the discs aren't compatable you will need to buy the upgrade disc. Ver 5.1 is the latest.
  23. Version 5.1 is the latest. It was released this past January .