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  1. Just read the enlightening post by diryrx300 on 9/29. Seems to be a parasitic current is causing the problem, probably due to A/C as suggested.
  2. After driving home yesterday, I happened to touch the nav panel (just below the screen , where the dest, map , etc buttons are) and they are hot (well, hot as a hot cup of coffee ) , certainly higher temp than my surroundings. Is this normal ? car has just been driven for about an hour, and I had my A/C on too. Imagine if I had driven it all day....
  3. oh... ho.. I see why you ask.. I should have typed Rx330 , without the "h" (hybrid). ;) by the way, I see another online lexus forum called ClubLexus forum, seems like its a bit more popular over there.... ← lol, that doesnt really answer my question. i dont think rx330Hs are made...only regular rx330 or rx400H :D ←
  4. I only have the RX330h. So far no problems with the battery , yet.
  5. Got my RX back today, guess what ... they only replaced the battery! person I talked to said everything checked out ok, alternator, alarm, etc ... I asked for the mechanic, but they won't let me see the guy, some lame excuse like he's gone for the day.... gotta have it replaced if this happens again.
  6. Well, car is in the shop now. From what I read in the lexus manuals, California requires 4 repairs at least before declaring it a lemon, correct me if I'm mistaken. By the way, my rx330h doesn't have a voltmeter gauge, would be nice if it had. Mechanic who jump started the car prior to driving in to shop says battery got only 7 volts left. Since it's been driven everyday, should be around 12+ volts the night before, like you said.
  7. We bought our rx330 beginning of July. After 3 weeks, the battery went dead, couldn't start the car. Car was still in the parking lot, so we had it jumped started , and brought it to dealer for testing. After an hour or so , dealer said it was a battery problem, and replaced the original battery with a new one. Today, after 4 weeks, the battery went dead again, this time, inside our garage. Couldn't start it this morning. Gonna have it checked at the dealer once more. Definitely something is draining the battery , even with engine, lights , etc. off. Any one has similar problems or clues ? Is 2 times problem enough to get it replaced under the California lemon law ? - Ben