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  1. The map in you car is probably way out of date! Its probably Version 2.1 or even 1.0! My Version 8.1 has the address listed as 2185 Salem Rd SE, Conyers, GA. Pick up the new DVD (Version 10.1) at your local Lexus dealership. Part number PT219-GEN23-10... won't be available until October 1st.
  2. The new DVD updates are coming in October for V10.1. For an 05MY GX470 you will need part number PT219-GEN04-10. Pick it up from your local Lexus dealership for $199. Note - You will have to either eject the old map disc to see the version number (probably V4.1) or check via the touch screen.
  3. The TX+ color is PINK and TX- is YELLOW. With that info you must use a multi-meter (or ohm meter) to see if the resistor inside the AM/FM RADIO reads 75 ohms of resistance. If the factory radio does not read 75 ohms of resistance NOTHING will work properly.
  4. Depending upon the sound system (Mark Levinson for example) will have a dedicated channel for each loud speaker. If this is the case (as is for navigation equipped vehicles) then each speaker has its own dedicated channel. However, for base audio systems without any premium audio (standard AM/FM/CD in the dash) you simply wire up your crossover with the 'in' from the factory wires, and out of the Infinity crossover to the respective speaker (mid-bass and tweeter). Lastly, the audio output of the headunit for all older Lexus and Toyota vehicles is left+ left- and right+ right-. Thus if you take out your amplifier (if equipped) you will lose the ability to fade front to rear. The AVC-LAN instructs how to distribute the sound front to rear via the TX+ and TX- (communication) wires. New Lexus vehicles like the 2010 RX350 have changed to a MOST network which will make changes (besides loudspeakers) nearly impossible.
  5. Just 1 note..... any music coming from a compressed audio source (MP3 or satellite radio) will sound bad in comparison to CD playback. CD and FM should sound good in comparison to satellite radio. They may say 'digital quality' but it is compressed none the less.
  6. The factory radio has a 75 ohm resistor in it... its considered the 'master component' in the system... not the amplifier. Without this 75 ohm resistor in the network nothing will work normally. Navguy, Please explain, I am interested in your response. If you get an electronic wiring diagram (EWD) you will find two wires that go into the radio (along with other componenets) that are labeled TX+ and TX-. When you removed the radio (master) you took the 75 ohm resistor out of the network. So if you install a 75 ohm resistor (across the TX+ and TX-) in the appropriate pins the rest of the stuff should work.
  7. The cost would be prohibitive since it involves a different amplifier, cables, touch screen, etc.
  8. Pick up a brand new version V9.1 from any Toyota (86271-GEN04-09) or Lexus (PT219-GEN04-09) dealer for $199; reduced from $265. Then you don't have to worry if the crap on ebay is legit. Your navigation computer is in the trunk.. I think on the right side. It's a little hard to get to it so read the owners manual carefully and be sure to eject the old disc first!
  9. The factory radio has a 75 ohm resistor in it... its considered the 'master component' in the system... not the amplifier. Without this 75 ohm resistor in the network nothing will work normally.
  10. Contact Fujitsu Ten in California, provide part number and ask them if they will repair for you. If they can (or will) you will not be able to drive your car in the meantime.
  11. Almost impossible since the vehicle harness (without navigation) is missing so many inputs/outputs/parts: Speed Pulse Microphone Parking Break Different amplifier GPS antenna Navigation computer Navigation monitor Steering wheel controls for voice Go aftermarket... much easier.
  12. The new DVD V9.1 is available for $199. The only items updated is the mapping information (roads, streets, business info, etc.). You wont find any changes to the operating system. The new disc, in comparison to your V3.1, is quite different. Thats over 6 years of changes! Lastly, the installation is easy. It will only take 2 minutes to update after you install the new disc. The navigation computer is in the back near the spare tire. Simply slide the cover over the button and press for 2 seconds. The old disc will eject automatically. DO NOT insert the new disc first or you will damage it. As far as the stereo is concerned you will be spending a ton to replace the radio, monitor, amplifier etc. Your climate control goes through the monitor in the dash too. I would suggest that you only replace the speakers, or amp and speakers.
  13. If you phone supports the phone book access profile (PBAP ) you dont have to record a voice tag like the old GEN5 system. To use the system say the name as you have programmed it into your phone.
  14. The wrong DVD map disc has been installed. Lucky for you the price just dropped to $199 from $265. Get Lexus part number PT21-GEN05-09. The part number on the DVD map disc must be 86271-5302X(the X is a placeholder)... so if the disc in the navigation ECU doesn't match then its just a wrong map disc.
  15. The new DVD map disc are available for $199 from Lexus or Toyota dealers. You either need 86271-GEN23-09 (Toyota) or PT219-GEN23-09 for Lexus. Both will be available on October 1st. If you do buy anything of eBay the part number on the DVD map disc must be 86271-3303X. The higher the last digit (X) the newer the disc. The new map disc part number will be 86271-33038.