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  1. Welcome back ArmyofOne - although I do not know you since I am newer here, I wish you well in your future. I am a product of the military from the 80's. Did my basic, back when it was only 8 wks in Ft. Knox Kentucky and my AIT in Ft. Jackson SC - after my overseas hardship tour and then my stateside assignment, I got out, but do miss many of the friendships I made from there. I still keep in contact with a couple I was stationed with in Colo. He is now an E6 or E7 by now and his wife is just out period raising all the kids and working too. Be proud of your service to your country. Whether
  2. U da member SKperformance Thanks for hanging in there and being patient. I had a, believe it or not, a coconut mocha this morning, so I'm good to go now. Yep, coconut latte with chocolate :D
  3. Thanks guys - very helpful indeed. The only thing I am still not sure about is the cutting of the key. (1) Are the cuts the same for all of them, but it's the internals that make them different so a car can't be opened or started.....oooorrrrrrr (2) is each laser cut different for each car ??? Blame it on the lack of coffee in da house :cries:
  4. Just confirming from reading posts and trying to search for the right answer, but I can buy a "cut" key from ebay and the reprogram it for my car as long as I already have one master... ? NEVER MIND somewhat...took some diggin' but found I have to buy a blank, still working on the regular one or long one, have it laser cut and then have it programmed...took awhile, but hopefully that is right. I have two now, but I would like to have three and put the 3rd in the safe...unless two is the max the puter' will handle ???? That is still not clear in my head. Thanks
  5. Shouldn't have been in the lane anyways :chairshot: , but I understand the frustration at times. In my area, motorcycles are allowed in the commuter lanes on Hwy 101, but not in some places in the East Bay (from my recollection). As for the fine, it's about $275 here. OUCH !
  6. Like many electrical items out there. Maybe, maybe not depending if it was activated while wet, submerged, shark attack, jellyfish sting whatever. Heck, I guess a full moon could be an issue too...somehow. In my experience, I have rinsed in fresh water, opened it up and allowed to air dry while rotating it around to avoid water sitting while drying and giving the false sense that after a few hours/days, it should be dry. Try it and see...won't know till you try.
  7. Well said civi! Dozens of countries (friend & foe) have offered help to the U.S. & it's nice to see other nations come to aid of another (no matter how powerful or not) in their time of need. B) ← Thanks I have my moments. Though not many, but I get them at times :D
  8. Article about the improv... Kanye West's Comments
  9. It's nice to see (although I wish it wouldn't have happened in the first place) disaster relief come to us. Seems like we are always helping other countries in their time of need. It's just nice and pleasing to the heart to see it returned in our time of need. Anyone from those countries reading this topic, THANK YOU !
  10. I found your posting at SMT, E-Manage, SAFC, Unichip reply number 12. Thanks. Just what I was looking.
  11. Maybe it's just me, but he did put down that he is from "Dhaka,Bangladesh". I may speak spanish, but don't ask me to write, let alone translate another language :whistles: Maybe some slack could be afforded here and a relevant response given instead. At first sight I thought the same, but then I looked further and :o
  12. And you had to why? :whistles: ← Oh, never mind. I thought I explained it, but I guess it's like a joke when you try and repeat it, but the punch line just leaves everyone doing At this point, never mind the strory of my life I guess. U guys are great !
  13. Not sure of the layout of your car, but here is a link to my install just a few weeks ago on mine. Hope it helps with at least the type of unit. My Posting and Sirius Unit
  14. Interesting. Ours has the Mark Levinson / NAV package with the CD / cassette behind, and the changer in the armrest. Just verified that our changer has several homemade CD-R's in them with both the mp3 format and another one directly from the sources. Maybe the changer being different than the one behind the NAV.
  15. Local Gas station in Sonoma County, Ca. Wine Country 87 $3.00 89 $3.05 91 $3.09 Diesel $3.15
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