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  1. My passenger side mirror motor on my 2006 GS went out last year and it was replaced under warranty. I told my Service Advisor that I had read that they both would fail, and he stated that until they both failed they would only replace one at a time. Two days ago the driver's side mirror motor failed and when I called Lexus of Austin, I was told that the price of a new motor was $850 plus labor, since my warranty was up on March 31, 2009. After I threw a fit, I was told that since I was on my third Lexus, they would replace the mirror motor for $520 and not charge me for the labor. I then t
  2. My 2006 GS 300 had this problem last year and it was concerning the passenger mirror, and the dealer replaced it under warranty. I told them that they should replace both units since they were known to fail and I was told that they would replace each unit when they failed. Two days ago the driver's side mirror failed while 45 days out of warranty and the dealer told me it would cost $850 plus labor to replace the mirror but since I was on my third Lexus they would cut me a deal and only charge me $528 for the motor and the labor would be free. Needless to say, that I was livid and after spe
  3. Add me to the list.....My Service Adviser acted like he had never heard of this issue......really..... Anyway, they replaced both mirror motors and so far, no problems.
  4. I agree. I got the first one my dealer received, black/black, ML/NAV/IPA and most other options. Just took it on it's first road trip. Got 24 mpg. Love the growl of the V8 and the silky smooth 8-speed. Very comfortable, easy to drive on highway, no wind noise, and great nav system. Wow! You only received 24 mpg on the highway? I am glad I stuck with the GS 300. I took mine on a 400 mile round trip to Galveston last summer and I achieved 32 hwy, and I consistently get 26 in the city. Now that gas is $3.40 a gallon, I am glad I don't have my second gen. GS!
  5. I forgot the sequence since it's been a while that I did this, but I called the Dealer and the Service Dept. walked me through the reset. Give them a call.
  6. I'd steer clear of it unless all of the maintenance is documented. I got rid of my 1999 GS 300 last summer when my ac condenser began dripping onto the carpet of the driver's side floor. I took it to the dealer and they said that this was a common issue and could be repaired for $950.00. I also had the same issue with the stereo display screen that fades in and out with this car and my previous LS. Also, the back driver's side door lock actuator went out and that was going to cost another $800. I decided to sell it and with 136,000 miles, I got $9500 for the car. Good Luck!
  7. I don't know if this helps but my NAV with the 2008 Update shows the street that you are supposed to turn onto and it gives a voice prompt within .5 miles of the turn. I have found that if I am using Navigation, I need to turn down the stereo,roll up the windows and close the sun roof and drive slower. I would also like to ask Lexus to add another voice to the recognition system as the current female voice is pretty damn annoying! We call her Cherry 2000.
  8. I use 409 as a heavy cleaner and Zymol leather/vinyl treatment on the dash, the doors, seats, console etc. I also use the Zymol conditioner on all of the cleaned areas. Works great for me!
  9. Today I replaced the factory Yokohama Run Flat tires that I have hated and were completely worn out at 25k miles! Discount Tire replaced them with the highly recommended Continental Conti-Pro Contacts. They were approx. $230 per tire installed with road hazard and mounting, etc. with a 40k mile rating. I am loving them! The ride is much better and the noise level is greatly reduced over the factory installed Yokohama Run Flats.
  10. That's Great! My New GS has all of these features combined into one head unit, and they are also voice integrated. Unfortunately I had to pay $56k. Hope that your system continues to work for you.
  11. Awesome! Congratulations on a job well done! Again...Congrats!
  12. And???? What was the reason for adding this useless picture? I'm just asking.
  13. What do your kids pictures have to do with the Lexus blog?? I am sure they are cute, as well as mine but WTF? Thanks!
  14. If you contact Lexus on line, They will mail you an Owner's Manual free of charge. I encountered this on my previous LS.
  15. Lexus Of Austin charges $50.00 for an oil change which I thought was outrageous, but after receiving the Lexus loaner and a car wash I was placated. You can't get an oil change and a car wash for $50.00, not mentioning the Lexus loaner! I'm done with Jiffy Lube!
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