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  1. Blaise, The file your looking for is posted on this site. There is a posting on Important Topics at the top the Lexus page that has the full manual for the GS300/GS400 in pdf file for you. ' PS. Great Name! Regards, Blaise GS-300 SC-430 Hey thanx, I need the factory "service" manual and not the factory owners guide. The one with all the repair guides. There is one posted for the 300, but it lacks the info I need for the engine repair.
  2. Since you don't have any key, you need your ecm reflashed due to your transponder key. The key is married to the ecm and after you loose the master, you will need a locksmith who is able to reflash the ecm and program your new key to it. Once you get the key and ecm to match, then you can follow instructions on how to program keys into car. If you don't have a locksmith who can handle this you will have to take out your ecm and ship it to someone who can.
  3. It is a very fragile wire, and you can't spray direct pressure from the can on to the wire. This would destroy it for sure. You need little bursts of cleaner sprayed from a distance and over some time to let dry.
  4. I don't know about those but you can try... .... good luck
  5. As far as the braking, have the fluid level and pads checked out first . Maybe there is air in the line. It may also be within your Hydraulic brake booster. This brake system actual controls line pressure and sometimes feels like a sponge. It could be faulty, and you might not have any warning lights on the dash, but it would be stored as a hard code in the ecm( not a code autozone can pull either). You are better off going to a toyota dealer (or someone who specializes in lexus) and have it checked out. After you have your tires checked and balanced (with a road force balance of course) and aligned and you still have a shimmy (I would say between 60-67 and again between 78-85) have your steering rack bushings checked out (as well as ball joints,tie rods and the whole front end). How many miles are on the car? Do you have any service history? This is why I say, bring it to someone knowledgeable to get it serviced up to date before you add rims and such.
  6., i've used them plenty of times without any issues. It's actually a toyota dealership.
  7. I need the factory manual on pdf file. I know it's a slim chance, but just checking. thanx