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  1. Proud to say this scenario is over. The two front tires stabilized in pressure as well as the passenger side rear tire- all holding pressures up to specs. Went to local tire dealer to have rear driver side tire checked & they found a nail in the tire, thus identifying the problem of daily pressure drops. Having that leak repaired, I am confident this problem what NOT one of improperly mounted tires, but a nail picked up as early as on my trip back home from the dealer since my pressure was unstable from day two of ownership. I consider the matter resolved and this thread is terminated.
  2. Denny- I place no value on the instrument panel TPI readings- they can vary by a pound or two sometimes. What I do value is the total agreement between my analog and digital instruments. Yes, during driving, pressures will rise according to tire temperature, actually rising to what should be the idle readings & this repeated underinflation readings are not acceptable. Thanks for your comments as they are well stated.
  3. Paul- I did not mean to mislead readers by my comments on this matter. My first call to Lexus toll-free number will be to see if I can take my car to the local Toyota dealership to remount the tires, saving me an hour and fifteen minute drive to my dealer in Baton Rouge. If that phone call insists I return to the dealer, I will then call for an appointment. Here is what I have done to back up my assertions: For the past two weeks I have not documented exact pressure drops, but as a full-fledge type A personality, I started doing this on this past Sunday, recording exact pressures digitally a
  4. Been having my new RC350 three weeks now. Three days after driving her home, the low tire pressure light came on. Sure enough, two tires (both on rear wheels) were three pounds low, so I aired them up. Checked the front tires and both were about 1-2 pounds low, so I figured dealer had not checked them carefully before delivery. Last week (car is now two weeks old), I checked inflation on all four tires just to make sure their pressures were stabilized and both rear tires were under inflated again, driver side by 3 pounds and passenger side by 1 pound. Again, I brought them up to 36 pounds wit
  5. To those who replied as to its location, thank you. My troubles are now over thanks to the several replies... - Larry
  6. Just bought a RC and would like to change some personalization preferences, but do not know where the OBD port is in my car. I have a Bluetooth BAFX diagnostic device that needs to be attached to the OBD port. Anyone know where it is in this particular car? Your help is greatly appreciated & will save me a trip to the dealer located an hour away...
  7. After my car has been parked for over 1-2 hours in hot weather, the car has become, over the last two months, increasingly hard to start. When the start button is pressed, the car tries to start but failed to do with seat and steering wheel returning to their "parking" positions. The car is NEVER hard to start in the morning or when garaged during the day, only when parked out in the hot sun at work, shopping, the golf course, etc. Today, the car required four attempts to start, halting & failing each of the first 3 attempts. The problem has gotten worse over the last two months such tha
  8. Internet searches of chrome durability in modern cars reveals this is an all-to-common problem. Seems like Mercedes owners have enough problems with their trashy electronics systems, they do not need wheel deterioration problems on top of that.
  9. Dear Lenore- The chrome wheels are on my Premium version 2013 GS350. In this case, the flaking off of chrome is confined to one wheel and only on all five lug nut openings. The wheels are stock wheels that Lexus buys from an outside vendor my service manger tells me. According to the service manger, the technique for chroming wheels in modern times is different from the chroming baths used in the 50's, 60's and 70's as those old methods violated all newer environmental regulations. Thank all Californian leftists for that restriction. The current technique involves a powder coat on top of the
  10. As reported in a previous entry on this website back in November 2013, I had all four chrome wheels on my 2013 GS350 replaced without charge by dealer because of chrome flaking off of the wheels. Replacement wheels (4) were ordered and installed by dealer in December 2013. Well it happened again- notice this weekend that one wheel's lug nut cavities (all five of them) had areas about the size of a quarter flaking off and leaving behind RUST. I visited the dealer today and the service manager inspected and identified the problem as I did. Upon close inspection, all other wheels show no deteri
  11. Noticed upon on washing my 2013 GS350 (my third GS350 and fifth Lexus total) that chrome is flaking off of all four wheels. My wheels are the version known five spoke "super-chromed" wheel- beautiful but severely corroded at present. Dealer has replacement set on order, at no charge of course. Lexus problems with the painted wheels I had on my two previous GS350's are legend, frequent and require perseverance on the owners part to get resolved, but this chrome wheel problem, according to my dealer, is unique. Anyone else having this problem?
  12. Had the same thing happen to my 2008 GS350 roof "drip rails" after the intense heat wave here in LA this summer. One week one side affected, next week, both sides with each week getting worse and worse, even causing wind noise at hiway speeds. Took it to my dealer who said this is "cosmetic" and not covered by warranty BUT they would replace both rails "one time" for free as a customer service. The replacement cost was priced at $1300, but cost me nothing. The parts were ordered, came in after two days and took about an 1.5 hours to install. During the install, I purchased a CPO 2011 GS350 at
  13. Had the same thing happen with my ES350- since it was in warranty, trip to dealer yielded replacement of entire changer 6-disc system. Item had to be ordered, came in 7-10 days later and took them 45 minutes to replace old one. When I inquired about saving my home-burned CD's in changer, dealer told me that the whole changer would be sent to a Lexus service center which would remove all discs safely and mail them to me. In about a week, I successfully received all 6 discs intact and undamaged. Replacement changer worked fine six months later when I traded ES350 in on CPO GS350 about two mont
  14. :) Was 61 when I purchased my ES330 and 62 when I purchased my ES350. My age may tilt the scales a bit... :(
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