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  1. I'm looking at buying a camber kit from these guys, anybody had any experience with them? Elite Auto or Import Auto Performance (This company looks a bit shady, but has cheaper prices than Elite)
  2. Did you fix the camber?? How did it go?? Any pics?? How much did you spend and where u get parts?
  3. Has anyone on this forum bought parts from you?? I desperately need a camber kit, but how long would it take to ship from Germany? Any other places to get rear camber kits for 93-95 gs300??? :cries:
  4. Did you install a camber kit?? I've got Tanabe DF springs and the camber i terrible!!! the kits are like 400 on ebay!!
  5. Can you point me to the documentation for this short?? I think i have it.... Thx!!
  6. do you have a 95? or a 2005?? 1995 Gs300 does not have a theft protection code.
  7. sidenote: all of this started after the front left lower ball joint went out and was replaced. What noise did it make when ball joint went out?? was it a pop when turning?
  8. Replace it all, with factory lexus parts. i replaced stock suspension with Tanabe lowering DF springs and tokico struts. 2yrs later... My gs keeps making a loud "pop" noise Is it possible for the struts to wear out quicker with lowering springs?
  9. I went with a Competition Kicker C10" sub, fit perfectly, just had to cut the bracket few mm for sub edge! Sounds AMAZING!!! If anyone needs advice, lemme know. Thanks!! :D
  10. I'm looking for a bigger or nicer sub, would a JL 8inch W7 be too much for the support structure of the trunk? I already have a 300w amp installed for sub. Do i need to be concerned about the travel distance of the sub hitting the grill? <_<
  11. where is the drain tube? do i have to remove bumper?
  12. I think some neighbourhood kids who broke into my car might have messed with it. But ya there isnt any extra wiring harnesses dangling! I'm going to have to take it to the shop, it gets like 5mpg. I even pulled the o2 sensors to make it run lean!! IT's loud as a harley now! lol any ideas on how to make it run lean till i have money for mechanic?
  13. She found out I had been using it , I am now called Steve Austin the Six Million Dollar Man.........Barely Alive lol, we'll be taking up donations for you!!!
  14. I love em!! def worth the money, i've got slotted and drilled. they were easy to install and have not noticed any increase wear to my brake pads. :D
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