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  1. Ok, I checked and now I feel like a complete idiot as one turn of the dial on the dash and lights are back! Thank you for saving me from tearing a lot of things apart when there is no issue. On the positive side it proves this site is awesome for help. Joel PS, where is the best site to order a new master cylinder?
  2. Can't believe I'm the first person to have this problem? Turn the headlights on and lose all the dash lights. Can anyone point me to where to look for bad ground, fuse, anything? Thanks in adavance. Joel
  3. Ok I need help again. Driving the car home all of a sudden I lose all the lights (it was dark out) on the dash except turn signals and the green your lights are on. Now the interesting thing is when I turned the auto lights on selector to off, all the lights are back. Tried this several times with the same results. Any suggestions on what to check as all the previous help has been great. Thanks, Joel
  4. Make certain to check the Center Mounted High Brake Lights. Mine did the same thing until I replaced those and fixed the wires up there. Joel
  5. Just had the same problem on my 95 SC300. Battery tested good, it is most likely the starter. Pepboys sells them for about $160.00 and charges about $65.00 to install it. I'm a decent wrench and had problems getting to the bolts so for 65 bucks I let them do it. Car starts fine now. Hope this helps. Joel
  6. Ok, today I went out and the first two hits of the key nothing. Then on the third attempt it started fine. Very confused on this one. The suggestion for for running some cleaner through the engine is not a bad one either. Thanks. Joel
  7. Had a new problem with my 95 SC300 last night. Turned the car off after a short trip (10 minutes or so and car had sat all week at the airport), and it sounded like it was still running or trying to start. Turned the key on and off a couple times and if finally shut off. :o About two hours later when I went to start her, she would not even click. It was night time so I shut off the auto lights, radio, ac, etc and after two tries she started. When I got home I checked the battery with it running 13.8 volts and then again with the car off, 13.2 volts. Turned on the lights and voltage dropped to about 12.4 which seems to imply the battery is good, ie no dead cell. Suggestions and if I need to get the starter rebuilt, how hard is it to get the old one out, haven't crawled that far under the car yet. Thanks for all the help, this site always comes through. :) Joel
  8. Looking to help a guy I work with. He is not an auto techie so the idea of getting his 98 Lexus worked on is scary, particularly after a local dealership charged $110 for wiper blades. Come on $110 dollars is highway robbery. So I'm trying to help him find a good, reliable shop for general repairs, maintenance and possible upgrade work. Any suggestions from people that have used a shop and were happy with the overall results? Thanks, Joel
  9. Do a search on this site for Sewell Lexus for the keys. They had the best prices and can cut from your VIN. Also do a search for programing the remote, very easy to do and not worth paying a penny for. I bought the knockoff Lexus Keys for about $19 each and then a master key remote for $30 off ebay. Key doesn't match the car but saved a small bundle. BTW, you should love the SC as I truly like my 95 SC300.
  10. I've heard the pros and cons for a trans flush on a high milage vehicle. Reality is that 230K without a rebuild for any car is good. So if your going to do a flush I would have the pan pulled and a new filter installed also. I would not do a power flush which would not clean the filter and could cause more damage. I try to stay around 50K for all automatic transmission flush wiht filters. As for Toyota or Lexus, a certified technican can do this with his eyes closed so if Toyota is cheaper I'd go there also. Just my humble opinion. Good luck and let us know how it goes. Joel
  11. Ok this always starts major debates on the Corvette sites, but now I also own a 95 SC300. Bought the car used recently so I have no history. Here is what I know, car has 79.9K miles and has used no oil in the last 3.7K of highway miles. So what is the general concensus on the type and weight of oil folks are using? I'm a Mobil 1 fan for most of my vehicles but they either started life that way or were converted before 1.5K miles. Open for suggestions of who is using what. Everyone has an opinion so please try to put some justification of why you are making your statement. Thanks, Joel PS, is there any way to lower the bottom seat cushion an inch or so? :D
  12. Do you have a Tan/Dark Brown auto shifter in good shape and what about a steering wheel? That is dark brown. Pricing? Anyone have a good place to redo mine? is the best way to get me. thanks, Joel
  13. The other problem with this is the gas tank is located directly behind the rear seats which is why your trunk is the size it is. Oh, well. You should have heard my girl friends comment when she first saw the trunk and then said, "you actually went looking for this car?" :D
  14. Awesome help, this site is absolutely the best. Thanks and I found some great other links, but this great. I guess it is take the car apart this weekend and fix all sorts of little annoying things. Joel
  15. Still looking for help on how to deal with the stretched out elastic on the back of both seats. Not certain how to remove the plastic that holds them to the back of the seat??? If someone can help me here, then the rest should be easy. Thanks, Joel