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  1. I had my wheel redone in the wood/leather. You would not believe the upgrade difference it makes to the look of the interior. I highly recommend. But, as stated, you will need to have alternate transportation for about 3-4 weeks unless you can grab a junk yard steering wheel to use in the meantime.
  2. Ok, I just went through a learning curve well worth sharing on this issue. Background, in searching through the forum, one of the common issues is the passenger window switch having faulty operation of the window. In my case, the passenger side switch would roll down the window, but had no effect to roll it back up. At the same time, the passenger window goes up and down no problem when operated by the drivers door switch. So, one would conclude I have a faulty drivers door switch. WRONG!! I did a search and found one post where the dealer advised a SC owner that the wiring indicated the
  3. Ok, here are a few tips I've learned from experience. First, it would be good to know what year SC you have. Point is, the earlier year SC's have orange needles, '95 & "96 (maybe even later models) have red needles. The lights in the needles are essentially light diodes. AND, the key issue is the polarity if reversed between the orange and red needles. Yes, they simply pull out. No adjustment (at least if your careful removing them) needed. Sometimes, you can knock the Tach and Speedo needles off Zero a bit. All you need to do is pressure the needle a "click" or two as needed in th
  4. Got this from the "Specs" sticky. Excellent, by the way. 1995 Model Revised front air dam; extension deleted. Revised tail lamps. New wheel design. Cornering lamps replaced with foglamps. Audible remote entry. Revised power passenger seat. Two Questions: 1. Is the 1995 remote key the same single button design as earlier year? 2. Exactly what is different about the 1995 passenger seat vs. the 1994 passenger seat?
  5. dahozzman

    Lexus Parts

    If you're in the LA area, I noticed a few add's for tail lights in the Recycler. Good luck.
  6. The changers are Panasonic. I took mine to the local Panasonic factory repair facility in Cerritos, CA (Near Valley View & Katella). Cost for complete refurbishment was $225. I'm to receive it this week. So, I'll report back on how happy I am with the results. Also, I'm told Lexus Dealers has an exchange program for refurbished units. Cost, I've heard, is around $300.
  7. I agree also. You can get a duo mode digital Samsung 850 phone with factory car kit on e-bay for under $50 on e-bay. I have this kit, and it works great. By the way, if you do decide to go aftermarket, don't throw away your factory kit. I'm interested in it to tear it down to see how it ticks and how it plugs into the factory wire harness. Then I can post a thread on how you can fabricate an adaptor to utilize the factory harness as much as possible for installing the Samsung or any other aftermarket aftermarket handfree kit. I do know that all SC's have the cellular cable that runs into
  8. Luxury Motors, Monrovia on Myrtle. Ask for Steve. He was the top mechanic at Longo Lexus when he realized Longo was making big $ on his rep. So, he went private. He is a SC guru.
  9. I strongly suggest you create sub categories for this section by model type. For instance, a SC sub-section, a IS sub-section, a LS sub section, etc. Basically along the lines as you have broken down the various discussion Forums. That way one can search for their model specific and doesn't have to wad through a bunch of add's that don't indicate model number. That might promote activity in parts car sales.
  10. Sounds like you just became the clubs new parts supplier. Of course, you intend to pass them through to your fellow club members at your cost, right? <_< ;)
  11. Ok, I went through every thread in this SC300/400/430 forum and could find no discussion on this. Attention Administrator.....The "pinned" Thread titled "For those interested in discounts direct from Lexus....", the key thread link doesn't work. Everyone knows that factory parts from the Lexus parts counter is expensive as heck. I also know that: - Many times someone else makes those parts for Toyota/Lexus. - Sometimes it's just plain better to go factory parts. - Sometimes you can get the same parts from the manufacturer that also make them for Lexus for less. -The best replace
  12. Check e-bay. There are several on auction right now, but don't recall colors. Search against Lexus sc.
  13. Tom, As trick as this might seem, you really don't want one of these as everything cellular is going to digital. These factory phones are ONLY scratchy sounding analoge. E-bay is a good choice to look for this need. But, as an alternative, you could buy a Samsung 850 flip phone WITH Samsung factory hands free car kit for under $50 since the phone is only Duo-mode digital. State of the art is tri-mode. BUT, at least it's digital and you'll have the best of both worlds. The Car Kit can be installed so it otherwise acts and functions like the Lexus factory. Here are some current auctions:
  14. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, ......... but I am of the understanding that 1998 and above are programable to a replacement key. 1997 and earlier you have to buy a transponder key(s) with matching chip that installs on a computer module (as I recall) located behind the passenger seat. Thus the high cost recited for the '92.
  15. If you get wheel replacements, I'd be interested in your stock wheels so you aren't stuck taking up valuable garage storage space. :D I'm in the Los Angeles area also.
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